Summer Bucket List

Happy Saturday! Just popping in to share what’s on our Summer 2016 Bucket List! This is the first time we’ve ever made one and I’m so excited to start checking things off! The other day I had A&H draw pictures of things they wanted to include on the list and […]

Summer 2016 Bucket List|

Friends, Personalities, and Hospital Stays |

Friends, Personalities, and Hospital Stays

Hey there friends! Sorry for the short absence. I had to move my site to a different host and I stay off my site during that time so that I don’t screw up anything! Because when it comes to that sort of thing…I have no idea about any of it! […]

FTT! ((For The Twin!))

Sometimes I feel like there’s so much I could write about on my little corner of the internet…but then other times, my mind is blank. I frequently come across posts on Pinterest that go something like this: “101 blog post topics ideas to get your stuck mind moving!” or “10 […]

Heading out with two sets alone for the first had to be documented!

KC Home Tour []

KC Home Tour:: Part 2

Welcome back to our KC Home Tour, Part 2! If you want the skinny on our home searching process and the story behind it all, read my last post, KC Home Tour Part 1 πŸ™‚ I left off upstairs, and we were getting to the master bedroom/bathroom. I’m a fan […]

KC Home Tour 1

So two years ago (almost to the day!!) I posted a tour of our Ohio home to the blog. Needless to say over the next year and a half that we lived there, it looked much different! We put a lot of thought, love and work into that place. And […]

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Rental House Living

Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share a bit about our rental house experience…how we made it look more like “us” and how I organized in a temporary space. First I must say right off the bat…I take NO credit for the following pictures. They were professionally taken by our […]

My New Favorite Thing:: Plan to Eat

**The following post contains affiliate links which means I may be compensated for purchases, referrals and/or subscriptions to services and or products.** Howdy-ho friends! Two posts in two days?! What-what?! My husband is out of town…how else am I supposed to spend my time after all the kids are in […]



Can I get a moment? 1

Oh my. You guys. I’m embarrassed that my last post was OCTOBER. I almost feel like I should reintroduce myself. “hi. I’m Jaimi. I’m….*cough*….uuuuhhhh….(suck it up Jaimi, you can do this)….I’m thirty. (There I said it. Out loud. On the internet.) We move all the time. (Ok we don’t. But […]

WA to OH to… 3

Turns out, writing a blog post isn’t the easiest task to accomplish when one has 4 kids. When I was on my “vacation” in the hospital, one of my friends who has 4 kids told me “this 4 kids thing is no joke.” She’s so right. And I feel like […]

WA to OH to...

3 a.m. Deep Thoughts|

3 a.m. Deep Thoughts 1

I’ve been up a lot lately. It is probably starting to show on my face…and my husbands (sorry to his co-workers for…well…anything that needs apologizing for. I’m sure his attention to detail has declined significantly.) I’m finding it somewhat amusing what lack of sleep can do to the brain (if […]