Minimalist 4th of July Decor

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|

I love holiday/seasonal decorating. I could very easily go overboard with it, and over the past year or so I’ve pared down on my decorations so that I don’t over do it. I feel like in a lot of areas of my life I’ve wanted to adopt a “less is more” philosophy. I decided that for all seasons/holidays (except Christmas), one mantle in our home was enough. It still provides a festive spot in our home and doesn’t require much storage for those items. (I still would like to pare down my Christmas decor more…but that’s a work in progress.) This means that I had to establish some boundaries of sorts when it came to purchasing seasonal and holiday decor. There is so much fun stuff out there, it could get crazy super quick.

  • I try to only buy handmade items, flea market/antique items , or make the decor myself.
  • Unless I’m strictly looking for inspiration to make something, I avoid the seasonal decor sections of stores like Hobby Lobby, Joanns, and Target.
  • If I do buy a new holiday decor item, I get rid of another item.
  • If I’m wanting to buy something, I first ask myself: if it fits in with what I already have, where will I put it when I do use it, and what will I get rid of to get this new something? If I can’t clearly answer those questions because I just plain “want it”…I move along. (Soooooo hard sometimes!!)

So far I’ve purged a lot of holiday home decor and now I’m moving on to general home decor. It’s a work in progress, but I do love to purge, so it feels good in the end. And yes, I have parted with things that I regret letting go of…but we’ve survived and I tend to forget about it later on down the road 😉

4th of July is my fav holiday. BBQs. Ice Cream. Parades. Fireworks. Water games. People outside. No gift-holiday 😉 And I just flat out love summer. I also do love American history and red, white, and blue. So this holiday is a win all around for me.

Here’s our one Patriotic festive area of our home. It’s in our dining room.

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|eventuallycomplete.comThe wooden spool I found at a flea market and I wrapped a felt circle garland I made around it. The large metal flag is from an antique show and the wooden flag is made from a barrel slat that I bought at a craft show. The metal star wreath is from Target (I believe) a long time ago. I made the pennant banner.

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|eventuallycomplete.comMy handy hubby made the wooden box, the tin cans are from Joanns from years ago.

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|eventuallycomplete.comOur kids first birthday was a western theme and I still have a bunch of bandanas from that party, so I just threw them in the metal basket for some extra color on top of the suitcase.

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|eventuallycomplete.comAnd that’s all folks!

Minimalist 4th of July Decor|eventuallycomplete.comHow do you decorate for the 4th of July? How do you celebrate? I’d love to see/know your ideas!

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