Birthday Weekend Shenanigans

What a fun, exhausting, memory-filled, wonderful weekend we had. I love planning birthday parties, but I could get used to this family getaway business instead. Nathan and I are trying to invest in memories and time spent together, rather then investing in “stuff”. I’ll talk more about that next month as Christmas is coming soon. Anyways, this was a wonderful weekend for memories. A&H may not remember anything, but we had a lovely time.

Friday was their real birthday. They exchanged birthday gifts/cards they got for each other, it was pretty cute. Ash picked out a new horse for Had and she picked out a tractor from the movie Cars for him. They both wished each other “Happy Birthday” all day long πŸ™‚
We got them booster seats and broke them in during this trip. They were thrilled and seemed more comfortable then they have been in the car recently.

We stopped outside Selah for a potty break and to get our wiggles out.

 We headed straight for the waterfront once we got to Seattle. The weather was perfect so we wanted to get the harbor cruise done. I was a little nervous how the ride would go since the boat left the dock at 1:30 and that’s in the middle of nap time. They did well pretty well but knocked out in the car on the way to the hotel.

Boys on a boat
Girls on the boat
Hour long cruise around the harbor. Love this skyline.
Our camera was at the wrong setting, but this is our only family picture, thanks to the lady in front of us πŸ™‚
He wanted a picture with the gantry crane…he thought those were pretty neat.
Ready for our dinner at the Rainforest Cafe!

 Dinner at the Rainforest Cafe went well. I pre-ordered them birthday packages (safari hats, balloons, goodie bags, birthday plates, color sheets) and we also got a volcano cake. I think they were a little overwhelmed at some points, but all-in-all, they liked it. After dinner we took them to the Disney Store and let them choose one thing each. Mister chose Francesco the race car from Cars 2 (which he’s never seen), and Miss H chose a Disney princess play-set. Back to the hotel to watch Winnie the Pooh (a new favorite of theirs!) and some sleep.

After breakfast, watching more Pooh!

The next morning we ate breakfast, packed up, grabbed some coffees, and went to IKEA to get Journey’s sink. After that, back to the waterfront for the aquarium and a carousel ride. Afterwords they told us they liked the carousel best. Cheap dates!

She loved those jellyfish and touching sea stars.
Ash is too cool for school.
The men in my life <3
My princess and me!
He had fun at the aquarium, but we are losing steam at this point! We small-town folks get tired of being around all these people!
Miss H chose our horses. Her’s was named “Macaroni”…like all her horses.
Every time around “Hi daddy!”

Home again, home again after that. It was a pretty quiet ride home. Ash slept from Snoqalmie Pass until about Sunnyside and Miss H dozed and colored off & on. After the kiddos were in bed, Nathan & I got to work on their birthday cakes for the celebration with the grandparents the next day. Ash’s requests were: tractors, motorcycles, monster trucks, Micky Mouse, and chocolate. Had’s requests were: ponies, rainbows, flowers, Minnie Mouse, and cherry chip. Had got to pick out what we had for dinner and she chose one of her favorites, Hawaiian Meatballs with rice. She’s easy to please that one! πŸ™‚

Trying to merge her requests…except for Minnie…I don’t do character themed stuff.
A chocolate monster truck made by daddy. I was very impressed by this. He cut everything out of 2 13×9 cakes.
The finished products!
Girl cake
Boy cake
Set-up for the birthday kids.

They loved their cakes! (Ash is not a fan of the flame on the candle..)
Working on gears with his Boppas..happy boy.
Happy third birthday my sweet kiddos! You brighten up our lives!
Just us, bein us!

What a whirl-wind weekend! Laundry was piled high, the kitchen was a mess, but we had fun and that’s what matters, right? πŸ™‚
Thank you to our parents for all the help they’ve given us these past 3 years. We love watching you 4 interact with A&H and are so blessed that you 4 are friends.Our kids have such a wonderful gift in having you all as grandparents! Whenever Ash or Had pick up a phone and “call” someone…it’s always a grandparent πŸ™‚

 Well, I’m almost caught up on laundry, found homes for the kids’ new toys, and we even did some preschool activities today! That will be on the next post.

Press on!


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