Chocolate Chip Cake

This has to be my favorite cake of all time. It is the perfect marriage of 2 of my favorite treats: chocolate chip cookies and cake. Score. I made this cake for my dads birthday this week. I also made chocolate frosting for it…which I had never done before. Little fact about me: I am not a big chocolate fan, nor do I care for frosting. This frosting was so good. If I’m saying that, then you know it’s good. I got both recipes from The Cake Mix Doctor book.

If you don’t have this book…go buy it. The cake is called “Stacy’s Chocolate Chip Cake” on page 42. (The frosting ingredients aren’t included in the picture, but the recipe is on page 426 of the same book) Here’s what you need:

This is also probably the best smelling cake batter EVER. Here’s a picture of the batter so you can pretend you’re smelling it…go ahead, I won’t judge.

And the finished product, viola:

And of course I have to include a picture of the birthday boy and his grandkids with the cake…

Pretty sure my son thought we were singing to him…hence the goofy smile.
What is your favorite cake or treat to bake? I’d love to know!

Grace & Peace


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