• Christmas
  • And then 2014 came,…

    Wow. Time flies. The past few months threw a lot at us,…at me. It was one of those no preschooling due to bronchitis-walking pneumonia-Crafter’s Market planning-small group leading-adoption conference going-party planning-Christmas decorating-Christmas shopping-dang it’s cold outside-my house needs cleaning-laundry is always behind type past 2-3 months. I know, excuses, excuses…but when it came time for […]

  • Christmas
  • What else?

    Before I keep going on and on about the trailer (which I could)…you might be wondering what we’ve been up to since, oh, June of last year 😛 A quick pictorial overview: Ash drove his “Little Tractor” in the Union Gap Tractor show “parade” (Aug 2012) Ladybug/Tractor party for the two-year olds in September (2012) […]

  • family
  • One month!

    Today is the babies one month birthday!! I can’t believe everything happened a whole month ago! I didn’t think time would go so quickly since it feels like I’ve been awake for a majority of it LOL. Not really…they actually do pretty good at night, we are very blessed!Since I’m not really doing a baby […]