World Clubfoot Day

World Clubfoot Day

It’s June 3rd, World Clubfoot day! You didn’t know? Neither did I, until about a month ago. I posted back in March an update about how my pregnancy is progressing and along with that news about baby girls feet. It was discovered on my 17 week ultrasound that baby A (baby girl) will be born with bilateral clubfeet. Since then we’ve had a consultation with a pediatric orthopedic at Nationwide Childrens Hospital and I’ve done some reading and pinning online and preparing myself as much as possible. A second set of twins will absolutely change our family dynamics, but having one born with a generic, yet curable disability will take a lot of adjusting.

Even though baby girl is not born yet, and I haven’t kissed her precious feet, I want to participate in World Clubfoot Day to raise awareness and connect with other clubfoot parents. So I don’t have any first hand experience (yet), nor much knowledge besides what I’ve read…but here I am doing what I can to be a voice and connect with others!

Before baby girls diagnosis, I had heard of club foot, but I really wasn’t sure what it was or what it all entailed. So for those who don’t know Ponseti International defines it as “a treatable birth defect that affects approximately 150,000-200,000 children each year.   When clubfoot occurs the foot is twisted inward and down, and this condition occurs during development in the womb.” (Dr. Ponseti is the one who developed the way clubfoot is treated now with casting and then boots & bar bracing.) For more information about clubfoot and treatments I recommend the Ponseti International website.

While I was reading about treatment and how to prepare for a life with an infant born with clubfoot it dawned on me that our baby girl as access to excellent care which in turn will (Lord willing) allow her to lead a full and normal life. But, what about the children who are born in developing countries who do not have access to such care? My heart breaks for them. If clubfoot is left untreated, their ability to walk and lead a normal life is slim to none. I’m still researching options of organizations who go to those places to treat these kids…but I would love to get involved with one.

So how are we preparing for life with one of our babies being born with clubfoot? I’ve read a few blogs about gear that is useful and/or not needed for babies with clubfoot. We aren’t buying footie jammies or infant shoes for her. Lots of onesies, leg warmers, and socks will be her token outfits for some time. I’ve created a Pinterest board with the info and tips that I find. Please follow along if you are also seeking info!

Like I said, I would love to connect with other parents who have gone through the clubfoot treatment process, or are going through it now. I know I have a lot to learn.

We will meet our precious girl soon enough and start our own journey with clubfoot treatments. Until then we are doing what we can to get ready for life with two sets of twins and one sweet girl who will be rockin’ her baby leg warmers over her casts 🙂

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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  1. Becci says: Reply

    Awe! I know a lady who’s son had bilateral club feet and with casting etc by 3 years old he didn’t need the bars anymore. Praying for you guys it’s always difficult when your baby had issues especially with their limbs. Breaks your heart

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