From drab to fab

Been some time since my last post…oops :/
We’ve been working very hard for the last month or so to fix up an 80’s entertainment center for Had. I saw the inspiration over 1 year ago…sadly I cannot find the picture. But I did pin something similar a month ago for inspiration. My awesome parents picked up this ghetto monster of an entertainment center last summer in Spokane. They were kind enough to let it sit in their garage until Had got old enough for a kitchen. We forgot to take a true “before” picture, but this picture will give you the idea of what it looked like:

Keep in mind there were no “fridge” doors, the “oven” door opened sideways, and there of course was no “sink” 🙂 Anywho…yuck. Here’s some pictures of our progress:

Had helping her daddy with the microwave.

Tell her to “smile!”, this is what you get….
Everything is cut and we are ready to paint!
Post paint
“Stainless steel” appliances
Coming together!
Done and ready to be moved!

My parents took the kiddos out for ice cream while we moved the kitchen into Had’s room. Here’s what it looks like in it’s home:

Cookie sheet painted with chalkboard paint on the side.
Fits right in!
Thanks to my mom for making those super cute curtains! The “pot holder” I found a Freddies…it’s really a “key holder”
The side fold out table might be my favorite part. My man rocks.
Under the sink basket for her dishes.
Microwave- the kids’ fav part…and I have to give all the credit to my man…it was all his idea 🙂 I made the “buttons” out of vinyl and cut out the rectangles on my Cricut.
Side fold table.
Everything open…because this is basically how it looks when they are playing with it 🙂
Fridge in all it’s glory.

So the kids came home, we put an apron on Had and sent her to her room. She was very excited. We recorded the first little bit of her reaction, so these pictures are after they had been playing with it awhile.

I anticipate this kitchen will be with us for a long time.
I’m not exactly sure of all the cost that went into the wood that Nathan had to purchase but I can tell you that a lot of what we used we had or got on the cheap. I can tell you that we could probably find some plastic kitchen at Wal*Mart or on Craigslist for cheaper…but we just wanted to make this kitchen “our own” 🙂
I got to spend a lot of quality time in the garage with Nathan, so that was a bonus too!
I hope this inspires you!

Grace & peace,


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