Journey::one year later {the reveal post}


One year ago today we found her. Abandoned. Messy. Broken-down. Useless.

One year ago today we saw the potential and decided she needed our help and a new lease on life. She wasn’t done traveling yet.


June 25th, 2013. Our first sight of her.



IMG_7533 IMG_7532

We knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to get her “campable” again. And getting her back to her original look might be near impossible…but we were ready to tackle the project. We learned a lot by working on Journey. It’s almost like she’s a part of our family now.

(You can read about all the work we’ve put into Journey over the past year by clicking on the Journey tab.)

One year later (I love how God works out dates like that. He knows I love dates, so He does stuff like this for me.) she’s done and we couldn’t be more thrilled. I don’t want to take up too much of this post with my words…there’s a lot of pictures. If you have questions about where we found things/got things, just ask πŸ™‚

So without further ado…I give you, Journey.




Journeyext6Journeyext5(We lost a baby moon somewhere between Wyoming and North Platte, NE.)

JourneychalkdoorDoors open, come on in!

Journeydoorway Journeydoorway2 Journeyfloor(Go to the Flooring post to see what we used to have!)

We will start with the dinette area. If you remember in my last Journey post, the one thing stopping us from camping was the dinette benches.


Journeydinette2We never could figure out how to DIY this part of the trailer re-do…and when we lived in Washington, the cheapest quote we received from an upholstery shop was about a grand. So this spot sat empty for a good chunk of time.

JourneydinetteseatWhen we moved to Ohio, I was chatting with the guy setting up our internet about our trailer and asked if he knew anyone around who was good at upholstery. He stated he has used the Amish community for upholstering his classic car seats. We decided to drive to Amish country ourselves, found a family who owns a buggy seat upholstery and antique furniture restoration shop…and the rest is history. I know he will never see this post…but Steve…you did an awesome job. You’ve got the skills man.

Journeydinette3It’s exactly like I pictured πŸ™‚

JourneytablesetThese vintage melamine dishes are from my mom <3

JourneycirclegarlandMy sweet friend Hannah made me the paper circle garland…forever ago.



Moving on to the kitchen area.










The upper cabinets hold dishes. Still figuring out how to organize things so they aren’t moving around while traveling.



On to the closet & icebox area.





Finally the futon area.




Journeyfuton3View from the futon.


Not sure how to wrap this post up. This has been our longest project, and probably our biggest so far. We have a lot of fun ahead of us and we are getting started with our first camping trip this weekend. We will be sure to take lots of pictures!

For those of you who have followed our process this past year, thanks for sticking with us πŸ™‚ For those of you just joining us…our Journey is just beginning. Boom.



IMG_7535 Journeykitchen4


IMG_7533 Journeycloset


IMG_7534 Journeyfuton


IMG_7532 Journeyint

Mmmm…now to enjoy the fruits of our hard work.

Press on. Or should I say “glamp on”? πŸ˜‰

Jaimi S.

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  1. Melody says: Reply

    Amazing work….what a transformation! GOOD JOB, you did fantastic! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you mom πŸ™‚

  2. Holy cow that is amazing re-do! Love the white and bright colors! So my trailer is not so “vintage hip” but if you need some “glamping” buddies we’d love to go with you!

    1. Thanks Shell! I always need glamping buddies! πŸ˜‰

  3. jess says: Reply

    Holy cow!!! That is so stinkin’ adorable!

    1. Thank you Jess! πŸ™‚

  4. Tikaa says: Reply

    What an accomplishment! WOW!!! Looks fantastic and I’m even more impressed that you all did it on your own. The before was something ( something a little scary) but the after was knock my socks off A-MaZ-ING!!!!! What fun you all will have. Enjoy every minute, your camping trailer will be the envy of the camp grounds everywhere.

    P.S. found you on instagram, which lead me here.

    Tikaa ( instagram: Tikaac)

    1. Thank you Tikaa! So honored you stopped by to check it out! πŸ™‚

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