2010, A Review

January: On the 27th we got a positive pregnancy result. We decided to keep it to ourselves until we saw the doctor to confirm that I was indeed pregnant. I calculated my due date, October 1st  oops Oct 4th!…seemed like it was going to take forever!
February: Valentine’s weekend, Nathan and I took a trip to Portland to go shopping and look at baby things without anyone we knew seeing us do so….we’re so sneaky! 😉 Little did we know what was in store for us! We anxiously awaited my first OB visit so we could break the news to the family.
March: March 1st…this date will be in my mind forever. The ultrasound showed 2 little beating hearts. I cried and told the doctor I felt like I was going to pass out. Nathan was very excited and thought it was the coolest thing. The next 6 months was a whirlwind of tests, ultrasounds, shopping, and doctors appts. That night we had our family over for pizza, we gave them a picture of the ultrasound to announce the coming of the babies. I don’t remember anything else that happened in March 😉 By the way, Nathan’s co-workers placed bets on the date the babies would be born,…I picked September 20th…dang I’m good! 😉

10 weeks, no clue what I would look like 28 weeks later!

April: Nothing much of note happened in April. We hosted Easter which was fun! We also ordered our stroller after our second ultrasound. We also saw the perinatologist for the first time and everything checked out great. He suggested that my pregnancy not continue past 38 weeks, which was September 20th.

17 weeks

May: What a busy month! On the 12th we found out we were having a boy and a girl, hooray!! We announced this to our family and friends at a BBQ that evening. At the end of the month we purchased our family vehicle, a 2003 Chevy Trailblazer. We bought it at Bob Hall Chevrolet in Yakima. Afterwords we celebrated with my parents at Bob’s Burger’s n Brew. Nathan and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 28th and took a trip to the West side for some shopping!

21 weeks

June: Heidi graduated from high school on the 4th and we hosted her graduation/going away party on the 6th. Nathan’s cousin Ashley got married in the middle of the month and we enjoyed the nice weather that June brought. I never enjoyed being pregnant, but this is the month when I started to feel really uncomfortable. I was tired all the time and my belly hurt.

23 weeks

July: Heidi left for Albania on July 1st. It was tough saying good-bye! We took a trip with our small group to Wallowa Lake where we all rented a cabin together. It was a great time and we enjoyed getting to know our small group friends better. We also found out we were going to be aunt/uncle to my brothers first baby coming in March! (which we know now to be a girl!) We started our childbirth classes on the 12th and I had to start seeing my OB every other week. Nathan went to Brooks, OR with his parents to help them make ice cream at the Steam Up. I drove down with my parents the last weekend of July to Portland and visit Nathan in Brooks. This was last time I was allowed to leave town.

28 weeks

August: Coming down the home stretch!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We had maternity pictures with Jessica Greenfield on the 7th which was a lot of fun and that started a great relationship with her! We love using her for pictures, she is so creative and professional! I started working half days at the beginning of the month. On the 10th, after working a half day, I started having cramping. I ignored it. I went about my day and by 9 pm they had not quit. I told Nathan and we headed to KGH. I was admitted and was in the hospital for two days. I wasn’t able to work after that and was forced to stay home,…doing nothing. Booo. But at least I kept the babies in to full term…a good trade off 🙂 My “moms” threw “us” a twin shower and so did mine and Nathan’s co-workers. We were truly blessed with all the proper gear and clothing!

32 weeks, already the size of a 37 week singleton pregnancy

September: The big month!! The NST and ultrasound on August 31st showed that both babies were breech, when we saw Dr. Smith on the 2nd he decided to schedule a C-Section, since it was very unlikely that the babies would turn. September 20th was to be the big day! That is if I didn’t go into labor prior 😉 I turned 25 on the 8th…it was a little hard to enjoy my birthday, since I was hugely pregnant and I was so tired but could not sleep. I also went to the chiropractor at least once a week until the babies came. September 20th finally came, after what seemed like years of being pregnant! Our healthy babies entered the world at 8:08am and 8:09am. We brought them home on the 22nd. I don’t remember much after that…it’s kind of a blur 😉 I do remember that we woke them up every 3 hours to eat. I’m so glad we are past that stage.

Home from the hospital!

October: This month I don’t remember much either. I remember a lot of late nights, bottles, diapers, family members stopping by, baby dedication, and people bringing us meals. Nathan turned 26 on the 17th…we have decided that we feel our age, LOL…and we will probably look older than our age by this time next year!! The babies also experienced their first Halloween. They were pea pods 😉

Ash & Had meeting Great Aunt Deb, and “cousins” Ben & Noel

November: On November 1st, we decided to stop waking them up to eat…that gave us about an extra hour of sleep a night. Then every week they started going a little longer at night. They had their 2 month well child exam at the end of the month and they checked out great. She told us to feed Ash more and to let Had sleep at night and not wake her if Ash does. We spent their first Thanksgiving at Gramma Edie’s and Granpa Jeff’s. I was so excited for Christmas that I started decorating the week of Thanksgiving.

The twins at their first birthday party, Cousin Ben turned 1!

December: Starting December 20th, their 3 mo birthday we decided no more pacifiers. I was tired of getting up at 1am, 2am, 3am to give Ash his pacifier. I was also tired of going into his room every 10 minutes at naptime to give it back to him. It was a rough week, but we got thru. They now put themselves to sleep very well and started sleeping until 4:30ish and then going back to sleep until 7ish. Awesome. I’ll take that! Their little personalities keep us entertained and annoyed 🙂 Had is a sweetheart and is pretty much always happy. However, she can turn off the charm and stick out her lip very quickly! She loves to talk and read books. Ash loves to eat, stick things in his mouth, play with blocks and his “tools”. He has the cutest laugh! He has been a bit of a pill lately, but I think he just won’t be truly happy until he can have some “real” food. The poor guy is always hungry. Their first Christmas was so much fun. We spent the day at home and had family come over for brunch. The babies got so many toys.
Every month seems to go by quicker. We are enjoying every minute…everything we can remember that is 🙂 I feel so blessed to be able to stay home and be these babies mommy. God picked them especially for us! We are looking forward to this next year and to see how our babies grow and learn. There will be so many milestones and so much fun ahead of us!
Happy New Year friends! We pray you see the Lord’s goodness and blessings, especially in the hard times!

Christmas Eve
This morning, such cuties!!

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