One month!

Today is the babies one month birthday!! I can’t believe everything happened a whole month ago! I didn’t think time would go so quickly since it feels like I’ve been awake for a majority of it LOL. Not really…they actually do pretty good at night, we are very blessed!
Since I’m not really doing a baby book for each of them…I just thought I would a take a few minutes to post on here some things we’ve noticed about them. (I am keeping a calendar for each of them tho…but a baby book for each…let’s get real, it just wouldn’t happen!)

Ash-  aka: Chubs, Chunk, Chunky monkey, little buddy, little buckaroo, little man, bubs
Ash is our little chill man. When he’s awake, he;s very mellow, chill and loves to work his tongue! He wrinkles his forehead in such a cute way…I love it when he does that! He also makes a very cute face when he puts his lips together like he’s saying “oh!” He loves his pacifier and LOVES to eat! I’m getting them weighed next week…but I’m thinking he might be a little heavier than his sister! We shall see 🙂
His hair started falling out this week,…he kinda looks like a little bald old man. But what hair he does have left has a slight reddish twinge in the sunlight. He also seems to have my fair skin tone….we could have a little red head boy on our hands! 🙂
Ash has a very special talent…he can pee up! Up his back, up his side, up his tummy….sometimes he even manages to not even get the diaper wet! He’s a magician! He has been known to go thru 3-4 sleepers in one night.
Ash loves to look at a flashing lights toy that we have. He is very good at making eye contact and is such a little charmer! His smile makes me melt. He only likes his carseat if we are in motion. If we stop for too long, he’s not a happy boy! But he is such a joy that we don’t mind 🙂

Had- aka: princess, girly, sweetpea, baby girl
Had is a princess…she has known this from the beginning! She is dainty and acts girly. People are always commenting on how she looks very girly already. She has a smile that will make anyone smile, and a frown that will make you feel like whatever is wrong is your fault!! She tends to be a tad bit of a drama queen and has her diva moments. She is a daddy’s girl, if she could talk, I’m sure she would get whatever she wanted!
Had is very wide-eyed and prefers to be looking around knowing whats going on….especially after her 4 am feeding. One thing is very obvious about our little girl…she thinks she’s older than she really is. From the beginning she’s tried to “help us” by trying to hold her bottle. About a week and a half ago she started lifting her head for longer periods of time. When I put her on her tummy, she acts like she’s going to push herself up. This week she is holding her head up much better and is finding her voice.
My mom says that she looks so much like me when I was a baby and even acts a little like me. She seems like she wants to be independent, but wants attention at the same time.
She is such a sweet girl and I can tell she is going to be a lot of fun…maybe a handful…but fun 🙂
Had doesn’t care too much for her pacifier and doesn’t have as big an appetite as her brother….however when she wants to eat, she wants it NOW. She loves to look at herself in the mirror and frequently falls asleep in the swing.
She has dark hair, blue eyes, and is looking like she is going to have Nathan’s skin tone…a little darker and tans easily…lucky girl!

It’s so fun to see how these babies change everyday and see their personalities coming out! I’m excited to see how they grow in the next month!! And on a side note…I can’t wait to see them in their costumes next week! They are going to be pea pods!
Tonight we are going to our first Mothers Of Multiples meeting! We are excited to meet other families who have been down this road before and hope to get some good advice and new friends from being a part of the group! 

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