Summer Bucket List

Summer 2016 Bucket List|

Happy Saturday!

Just popping in to share what’s on our Summer 2016 Bucket List! This is the first time we’ve ever made one and I’m so excited to start checking things off! The other day I had A&H draw pictures of things they wanted to include on the list and I filled in the rest of the ideas!

Summer 2016 Bucket List|

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s colorful and does the trick of being a list of fun things to do! I also wanted to include some “others-focused” activities…blessing someone, park playdate, letter to our friend in Zambia…I also left some blank spaces in case we decide to do something fun and need something to check off 😉 We have a some guests coming to stay with us too, and I’m sure we will have some fun outings with them and will need to add a few things to our agenda! And if some things don’t happen, it’s not a big deal. Drive-movie…would be totally fun and if it happens, awesome. If not, no biggie. Also, I have no idea if kids having a lemonade stand is a legit thing to do anymore…but I couldn’t disappoint my sweet girl. Even if she can’t make money, she can bless our neighbors with tasty treats 🙂

Wait…what’s that on the top right of the list? That’s right…we are taking a road trip at the end of summer back to our beloved home state of Washington. I’ll post more on it later (including a countdown I’m making), but we are pretty pumped for our adventure and couldn’t leave it off of the list!

Our list hangs on the side of our pantry in our “mud room” area…where we come in from the garage…I don’t really know what else to call it! I love the color it adds to the space.

Summer 2016 Bucket List|

I think I want to keep doing bucket lists for fall, Christmas, the dead of winter…it gives us some things to look forward to and some purpose!

Do you have a summer bucket list? I sure love summer and I can’t wait to feel the heat! I’m linking up with the “What’s on your…” link up on Instagram with the hashtag #2016whatsonyour …check it out and add yours while you’re there!

Enjoy your weekend!


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