What else?

Before I keep going on and on about the trailer (which I could)…you might be wondering what we’ve been up to since, oh, June of last year 😛 A quick pictorial overview:

Ash drove his “Little Tractor” in the Union Gap Tractor show “parade” (Aug 2012)
Ladybug/Tractor party for the two-year olds in September (2012)

Cakes made by their talented daddy!

Cake table
Big step- toddler beds! (Oct 2012)
Pickin Pumpkins at Bill’s Berry Farm (October 2012)

2012 Halloween costumes- Bert the Chimney Sweep & Mary Poppins

Family pictures in the park over Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 2012)

Putting up Christmas lights (Dec. 2012)

Getting the tree from Bill’s Berry Farm (Dec 2012)

Lookin fancy! (Dec 2012)
This one decided she loves horses. (Dec 2012)

This one decided he liked trains. (Dec 2012)

Snow on Christmas Day! She loved it…he tolerated it. (Dec 2012)
Sledding at Gramma & Boppa’s

She loves to sled.  (New Year’s Day 2013)

Keeping busy inside while it’s cold out. (Jan 2013)

Big girl bed! (March 2013) Ash got his soon after.

Easter Egg Hunt at Gramma & Boppa’s (April 2013)

Easter morning (April 2013)

Daddy introduced them to mud. (May 2013)

Quite the tea party crew (May 2013)

Little drive to Walla Walla for a morning of fun! (May 2013)

Fort Walla Walla (May 2013)

Car wash! (June 2013)

This one always keeps us laughing! (June 2013)

Hike up Badger Father’s Day weekend (June 2013)

We made it about halfway.

Sportin our patriotic threads (July 4, 2013)

In May of this year Nathan and I painted the house. We knocked it out in about 4-5 days total.

Before. Brown that faded to a purpleish color.
After. Slate Grey and lovin it.                                                      
Sea Glass Green front door…my fav part 🙂

May 28th we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and next month the kiddos will be 3. We have stayed pretty close to home this summer. “Camping” in Battleground (stayed in a yurt/cabin), and 3 days in Lake Chelan last month. I’m gearing up to attempt Preschool at home this fall/winter. More on that later.
So there you have it. You’re up to speed now. Except about the trailer. Stay tuned.

Hiking trail outside Lake Chelan

In Lake Chelan, (Condo’s behind where we stayed) a beautiful and clear lake!

Press on!

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