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Twins #2 u/s

For the past month or so, I’ve been a little absent from blogging, social media, and…life really (at least it feels that way to me!) It has been quite the month of ups and downs for us! We woke up to a waterfall in our basement early one single digit morning in January. (The basement is currently in a waiting phase. Sheetrock will be installed this week. Progress!) Since we are so used to DIYing, and couldn’t really do anything about the basement after the restoration team ripped out the damage, my man tackled a TON of projects in the past few weeks. What can I say, he got antsy 🙂 He installed new lighting in many rooms, built a desk, added built-in shelving in the basement, painted our bathroom and the kids hallway ceiling. We even had new carpet installed in our master bedroom and in the entire upstairs! I can’t wait to show all the changes…in another post 🙂

While all of the above kept us quite busy…along with insurance claims, raising kids, and general daily life…there’s been another reason for my absence. This might help explain why:


Twins #2 u/s

We are expecting…our second set of twins! But the story doesn’t end there.

I’ll start back in December…we got a positive pregnancy test before Christmas, but kept it to ourselves. Pretty much immediately I started feeling sick, which was not the case when I was pregnant with A&H. Around 6 weeks (right after Christmas), I started having terrible cramping pain and bleeding. After two of those episodes, my doctor did bloodwork concluding that I needed to be seen for a viability scan. At 8 weeks I went in for my first ultrasound. I was pretty sure I knew what was coming. I was losing the baby. I was sad, but didn’t want to be sad. I wrestled in prayer with God for the couple days before my appointment and just asked Him for peace. I wanted to rest in His plan…even if that meant I was sad and weak for awhile…I was ready to accept it. I asked Him to prepare me for what was next. I went into my doctors prepared to come out no longer pregnant.

As soon as the ultrasound tech started the scan I saw them…the familiar sight: two beating hearts. I said to the tech “Umm…there’s two…right?” She seemed a little surprised I knew and said “Yes…there is!” I laughed an “Again?!” She looked at me and said “What?” I responded with “I have 4 year old twins at home.” She started laughing too and ask what I thought my husband might say. After the test my doctor told me there was a small blood clot that was causing the bleeding but not to be too concerned. She said I might try taking it a little more easy if possible and she would see me in a week.

I called Nathan and told him the news, he was very excited…which helped me a lot. We decided to still keep the news to ourselves until the next appointment. The week went on and I continued to have pain and bleeding…worse. I went in for my next appointment not really prepared for the news I was to receive. I admit I did not go into that appointment prayed up. I wasn’t ready.

baby A

“The blood clot has increased considerably and is completely surrounding baby A. (The black all around in the above picture) I’m afraid you will lose this one…or both.” I wasn’t ready to hear that. I didn’t want to hear it. “Take it easy as much as you can. You can be up and around for about an hour, then you need to rest or lay down. No lifting. We will check again at 12 weeks.” That was that. I was sent on my way…with my heart in my stomach. I didn’t even know what to pray. All I could do was ask the Holy Spirit to intercede for me because I had no words. We decided we had to tell our parents because we needed them to pray with us.

So for two and a half weeks I did…nothing really. And it was hard. The Lord has really been working on me and my word for 2015. Although I can’t say I always delighted in my weakness…still working on that one. And I think I will be for a looong time.

Over the last few weeks, my pain subsided as did the bleeding. We just prayed for the Lord’s will to be done. If He chose to give or take away, we wanted to say blessed be His Name.

The morning of my 12 week appointment, I felt edgy. I didn’t like that. I headed for Psalms. Here’s one of the first things I read: (regarding the man or women who fears the Lord) “They will have no fear of bad news;
    their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord. Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear; in the end they will look in triumph on their foes.” Psalm 112:7,8. That was great comfort to me. No matter what, my security is in Him.

We headed up to Columbus (decided a change in doctors/hospitals was needed) for my appointment on Friday the 6th.

Twins #2 u/s

Growing, moving, hearts beating away. My doctor was very pleased with what she saw. They blood clot is still visible, but does not appear to have effected the babies growth whatsoever. She put me on a less-restrictive daily routine and has me following up with a perinatal specialist next week. We felt since we received such positive results, it was time to “officially” announce the news. We posted this picture on my Facebook last night:

twin #2 announcement

Getting hard to “hide” the news anyways 😉 We’ve had an interesting start to this set of kiddos…and who knows if it will continue to be a roller coaster. We are just trusting God and if He wills it…there will be two more kiddos added to our family in August!

So there it is! We are having a second set of twins! I had a lot of questions from family and friends after I posted the picture, and I promised some answers…so here we go!

“How far along are you?” As of today, 12 weeks and 5 days!

“How are you feeling?” Getting better! Nausea was pretty bad, and still have some in the evenings, but it’s tapering off. The cramping pain occasionally comes and goes, but nothing like it was. Fatigue is lessening, but I’m not very productive after 8pm 😉 And on a sad note…nothing makes me more nauseous than coffee. A moment of silence for coffee. I miss you coffee, I’ll drink you again in August!

“What are the chances/what are the odds?” Great question! My OB from Washington actually did the math for me! In his words “it is a 1/10,000 chance to have subsequent twin pregnancies without fertility treatments.” So there you go…1 in 10,000. Not super rare…but rare enough that I’m sure we will get lots of stares, questions and “fertile” comments 😉

“Do twins run on either side of the family?” Nope, not that I am aware of anyways! And technically, it would only matter if twins ran on my side/my mother’s side of the family. Nathan’s genes do and will determine plenty of attributes about our children, but when it comes to the twin aspect, his genes have no effect.

“Did you keep all of your baby stuff?” Nope. We have a stroller, that’s it. So we are starting from scratch, again! 🙂

“Are your kids excited?” Yes…as much as they can understand. I’m sure once there’s dirty diapers and crying the excitement will fade quickly 😉

“I thought you guys were done having kids?” So did we! But God has a way of changing hearts in the timing that He wants. We still fully intend on pursuing adoption one day. But He’s made it pretty clear that time is not now. In the mean time, we have gotten involved with a local foster/orphan care group and look forward to serving and meeting with them and their families. Even if we ourselves aren’t actively adopting, we know it is our job to be in the business of orphan care and supporting the families that are.

“Does this mean you’re moving back to Washington where your family is?” We miss them very much. Especially now. But the Lord brought us here, and we won’t leave or go elsewhere until He makes that clear and opens doors. This will be a huge growing experience for all of us, extended family included!

And someone always has to ask this, even when we only had one set….

“How did you do that?” My nice answer is a smile and “Just God’s plan for us I guess!” My sarcastic/make you feel awkward answer… “We do it twice a day.” I almost said that to an old lady at the grocery store once who was getting too nosey.


So that pretty much sums up our lives up until now! We so appreciate everyone who has been praying for us and continues to pray for us. We are praising God for all He has done and will continue to do…whatever He has planned…we are along for the ride!

Thanks for reading and if you have more questions…bring them on!


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  1. Ann M says: Reply

    So exciting!! I almost cried my way through that entire post. Many prayers for you and a healthy pregnancy for all involved. And may I say, any support you give to people taking on foster kiddos or adopting is appreciated. Our small group has rallied around us in the last month as things have gotten extremely difficult with our foster child. Simple meals, taking one or more kids for a few hours. Praying for us. It’s been awesome and so needed. Press on, friend. Good to hear the update.

    1. Thank you Ann! So glad to hear your small group is supporting your family in those simple, yet helpful ways! We will be praying for your crew too! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

  2. claudette jones says: Reply

    I am so very happy for your blessed event! You two are the best parents I have ever been around. I have , and will continue to pray for all of you. All my love to you!

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