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Oh my. You guys. I’m embarrassed that my last post was OCTOBER. I almost feel like I should reintroduce myself.

“hi. I’m Jaimi. I’m….*cough*….uuuuhhhh….(suck it up Jaimi, you can do this)….I’m thirty. (There I said it. Out loud. On the internet.) We move all the time. (Ok we don’t. But I’ve felt like that lately!) We have ‘a lot of kids’ (someone at church who has none put it that way so….sweetly a few weeks ago. Cue fake smile.). I’m an introvert, which works out really well when you have 4 kids. (I hope you read that sarcastically.) I sort of remember a time in my life when I liked to sew, and craft, and bake, and travel, and read, and blog. And I’m thinking, that person might be coming back…soon-ish?” So that’s me…ok. Trying to get back into this blogging gig! At least I’m getting more sleep now, so that is a total bonus and blessing!! High fives all around!

Seriously though, I feel like I’ve kind of lost myself a little over the past few months. Having 4 kids has really pushed me to my limits. (And then I think about people who have more than 4, and I humbly bow down to them and shut my mouth.) I have had so much I’ve wanted to blog about, but just haven’t had the time or really the energy to do so. I’ve felt like I’ve been sort of reduced to just keeping people alive and attempting to stay on top laundry and dishes. I have to remind myself daily that this won’t last forever.

I’ve also become very aware of what brings me energy, and what takes it away from me. Obviously 4 kids could wear anyone out…but I’m not specifically talking about physical energy (although that can be part of it)…I’m talking more about what fills me, what gets me going…what provides me with a breath of fresh air so to speak. God made us all different, and realizing how He made me has helped me a lot. (It also helps me tune into my older two to see what fills them up.) Now just because something fills me doesn’t mean I might get to do that thing daily, but just knowing to avoid too much of something that drains me is super helpful. Have you ever asked the Lord to reveal to you who you are and help you know what fills you? He made you a specific way! What makes me feel filled won’t necessarily make you feel filled! Here’s some things that get me filled up: walks (alone or with my fam), music, organizing something (could be a cupboard, could be a party!), reading non-fiction with a coffee, folding and ironing while listening to podcasts, chats one on one with others, especially with Nathan, and I’ve found I enjoy taking my kids to the park (until the littlest ones learn to run, then I’ll have to train two more to stay with me 😉 but for now, I enjoy taking the kids to the park)! On the flip-side it helps me to avoid too much of things that drain me (like too much noise for long periods, clutter on my counters, etc.) Obviously there are some days I can’t avoid the draining things, but those are days when I really have to trust the Holy Spirit to fill me with supernatural energy and patience! What are your fillers and drainers?

So that’s a little bit of how I’ve been feeling lately. We haven’t really worked on anything fun and I don’t really have much to “show”, mostly just sharing about life and what’s on our hearts. I’d like to do more blogging about twins and how we do things…I feel like I forget so quickly for we manage and I want to look back years later and remember where we’ve been and what we’ve come through together. So anyways…know I always have good intentions of blogging and I do my best to log things into my brain that I want to jot down when I can 🙂 Blogging to me has become more than a hobby or social media platform, it really is something that feels me and is somewhat of a release. I don’t know why or how. That’s just another thing I’ve discovered about myself. When I can sit down and hammer out some thoughts, I feel better.

And here’s a brief look at our life since my last post:

byefriend befriends byeOhio

We said goodbye to our Ohio home and the very dear friends we made there. Early in the morning on October 30th, we headed for KC!


Gramma Edie was able to come help us move into our rental place in KC! We had fun checking out the city with her and she was so much help!


Trick or Treating the day after we moved! Great way to meet the neighbors!

christmastreepic christmastreefarm grandparents4christmas

Christmas came fast! My parents spent a couple weeks in KC with us for the holidays. We ate lots of BBQ, went to LEGO land, Union Station, and enjoyed their company!

childrensmuseum kazoo

We’ve had fun using our memberships to the Wonderscope Children’s museum and the KC Zoo…both were Christmas presents from grandparents!


Aunt Heidi came to visit us in February. We had fun going to the aquarium and showing her around KC!

IMG_0736IMG_8831 IMG_0717 IMG_0368

These babies are growing and learning so fast! They both sit up, love to eat and try new foods, and I find that little guy in the weirdest spots…he’s been rolling around since he was 5 months old and just started crawling this past week. Little miss got herself a helmet to fix her flat spot and has made excellent progress with that so far! She continues to receive physical therapy and may need a botox injection in her neck to help loosen the muscles…but we are doing as much as we can to avoid that procedure.

IMG_8622 IMG_8815 IMG_8817

The time had come for us to find a place of our own! Our super awesome landlords were also our realtors which made the entire process very smooth and the timing just clicked. We closed on our place in the “Northland” on the Missouri side and are now third time homeowners (is that a thing?). We really enjoyed living in Overland Park and tried to find a house in that area…but the Lord totally provided the place we landed on and we know we are right where He wants us! Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing pics of the new place soon!

IMG_0271 IMG_8802

A&H have become huge helpers. There are some days when I think “what would I do without them?” and that makes me smile. Of course it’s not always rainbows and sunshine…they could argue about the color of snow. They often sound more like an old married couple than brother and sister. It is every bit as annoying as it sounds 😉 But, we all have struggles and they are people in training just like any other kids! They make me laugh and they love the babies fiercely. I’ve seen sides of them I wouldn’t have seen had we not had E&J. We had to pull them out of preschool since we moved 30 min north of where they were attending, but so far they don’t seem to mind. We are doing some things at home to keep up on phonics and number skills and we plan on homeschooling next fall.


And most recently, we had a quiet Easter at home. It was a chilly day so we dyed eggs and had a quick egg hunt for A&H in the backyard.

The night before Easter, Nathan’s grandfather passed away. This may sound odd, but it was good timing for me…to reflect on why we celebrate Easter and what exactly it means to us. Because of Easter, grandpa Ora is no longer in pain and he is free from sin and death. I think it really put things in perspective for me this year. I’ve known Jesus my entire life really, but thinking about the specifics of His sacrifice and how it effects every one of us everyday…well, it moved me to tears during church while we sang Forever by Kari Jobe. “His perfect love could not be overcome, Now death where is your sting, Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated…” if you’ve not heard it, watch it and listen. His perfect love is stronger than my sin, my shortcomings, my lack of,..well, everything. Because of Him, it is well with my soul. So it was a slow, reflective and somewhat sad Sunday for us…but those are good days even when they’re somewhat hard.


We are definitely still trying to get a handle on this whole family of six business…and we often feel like we are just winging it. But I heard something on a podcast I like to listen to, “Inspired to Action”, she was interviewing Sally Clarkson and Sally said something I think about often…she said when she was home with her kids (who are now grown), she often prayed something like “Lord, I can’t be everything that everyone needs. So I’m trusting You to be where I can’t be and to fill in where I can’t.” I love that. It’s not about me. That prayer totally encourages me and takes a lot of weight off. He is better. Also I just got my first Sally Clarkson book and I can’t wait to get into it…someday!

Anyways…I can’t promise my next blog post will be tomorrow or even this week. I have to take things one day at a time! But I certainly hope now that the moving is done, and we are feeling more settled, that I’ll be able to carve out blogging time more consistently.

Happy spring friends!

Jaimi S.

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