Happy times!

Happy Times! | eventuallycomplete.com

It’s Monday! It’s a New Year! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything!

The holidays were such a whirlwind of finishing up first semester of the kids new school, sickness, events, decor, fun activities, grandparents visiting, getting our Washington house under contract…things seem to be slowing down some and of course (as always), one thing I want to do better this year is blog consistently. Writing is a passion of mine, and I’m realizing it’s important for me to do things I’m passionate about. It helps me be a better mom for one thing. Sometimes I just have to let things not get done so I can do something that will fill the creative part of me. God gave everyone gifts, passions, and creative outlets…it’s super frustrating when you can’t use them.

Anywho…I wanted to pop in real quick and give a little update on Miss J…our favorite spit-fire-clubfoot-cutie girl!

If you remember, back in October she had a little procedure that involved multiple Botox injections. I never did blog about that post-procedure. So sorry. The procedure went very well. After words her orthopedist said he could already see her legs relax and was expecting good results. When I went to recovery to get her however, she was not a happy camper at.all. The nurses explained that the first time little ones go under anesthesia of any kind, it can make them come unglued a little. And I would agree…I’ve never seen her that agitated or upset. She reminded me of videos I’ve seen of babies who were born addicted to various kinds of drugs and were detoxing…writhing in agony, not sure which way is up and getting comfort from no one or nothing. It was heart wrenching to say the least to try and comfort her but to no avail. But, as soon as I put her in her carseat to go home, she relaxed, calmed down, and was soon fast asleep. I don’t know if that’s common…maybe she just wanted to get outta there, I’m not sure….but I’m very grateful she was not a mad baby all day long. Three days later, we started back to physical therapy and chiropractor appointments weekly. For the first couple of weeks, we didn’t see too much change. I was starting to feel discouraged. And then, she started getting looser looking. She started wanting to hold only one of our hands when trying to walk. She would lean side to side when singing. We were seeing progress and a little girl who was starting to sit up straight!

Happy Times! | eventuallycomplete.com

Her PT was concerned that her ankles were not supporting her well when she was trying to walk. She would lean forward like she couldn’t support her weight and she walks with her feet pointed out. (We love her boots & bar brace and that it keeps her from going back to having clubfeet, but the downside is her feet point out and her ankles are weak. Not an uncommon problem with clubfoot babies, but still makes it very difficult when learning to walk.) So she suggested we get her into a pair of Sure Steps to help give her ankles some stability. Her orthopedist agreed, but we had to wait a few weeks to see her Orthotist at Hanger. In the mean time, Miss J caught the cough/fever virus all of KC was passing around at Christmas time, and the head tilt came back…right before we followed up with her orthopedist 6 weeks post-Botox. I went to her appointment fully expecting to hear him say “well, let’s schedule the next injection procedure. Her head is still tilting.” But, by God’s grace, he was amazed by her progress. She was walking around while pushing the doctors stool in the exam room and he was smiling and laughing and was very pleased. In spite of the head tilt/illness, he said he could tell she was looser, and was making progress. He suggested we use the boots & bar only every other night for 8 weeks and then see how she’s doing after that. He said if there is no sign of her feet turning back to clubfoot, we might discontinue it’s use altogether. I cannot tell you how I felt after that appointment except I went in discouraged but came out rejoicing. To discontinue the boots & bar would be so wonderful. She definitely likes her nights off, I can tell you that! 🙂

Happy Times! | eventuallycomplete.com

She’s had her pair of Sure Steps since December 29th. It took a couple of days for her to be ok with them. But after her PT appointment last week where she had some times of successful steps on her own, she’s been working hard to do it herself. We stopped holding her hands and just lightly grab the shoulders of her shirt. She still feels we are there to help her, but she’s doing all the work herself! Crawling is still faster, and she still tries to grab our hands to get us to help her…but I think she’s going to get it soon! There has been lots of praising, clapping, and celebrating with her by all of us. We even made chocolate chip cookies this weekend to celebrate her success and she was pretty happy about a special treat!


E&J are 18 months old today. When I think back to this time 2 years ago, tears come to my eyes. I didn’t know if I’d ever get to meet them in this life during that time. Thinking back to those times in that doctors office in Chillicothe when the OB told me don’t expect to stay pregnant…and then I see these two little people, especially this sweet and sassy girl who has overcome so much. I won’t know until I see God face to face why she had a blood clot surrounding her, or what caused her to have clubfeet, or why her water broke at 30 weeks, or why her placentae was causing a possible life-threatening situation for me….I don’t have answers. But God has carried us all through it all, and I rejoice. In all the difficulties we’ve had since they’ve been with us, I’ve seen God’s Hand move in mighty ways. Maybe He just wanted us all to grow closer to Him. I’m glad He is using them to accomplish His purpose for His glory.

Happy Times! | eventuallycomplete.com

Also, going back to them being 18 months old…they don’t talk. Like at all. They understand us perfectly well. They make a lot of growling, grunting and silly sounds and they can sign please and shake their heads “no”…but no real words. Maybe because they were premature…we aren’t sure. A&H were speaking full sentences at 18 months so we have no experience with delayed speech. Their 18 month well-child exams are Thursday morning and I’m hoping for a referral for some speech therapy! So we would welcome any recommendations, encouragement, or prayers as far as their speech goes!

Thank you for loving our family and following along on our journey! If you have questions or anything about twins, clubfoot, Sure Steps…please let me know! I’d love to help however I can! And let us know how we can be praying for you!

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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