Backsplash and Babymoons

Journey update! I’ve been excited about this one. About a month ago Nathan ordered a bunch of stuff (back splash, laminate, babymoons, light fixtures, and flooring) and we are finally getting around to installing our piled up projects. Sunday we did the backsplash and put the laminate on the table.

We had to do the laminate in the house because it was 63* outside on Sunday. The surfaces and glue need to be 65* or above. This colder weather is going to start cramping our style very soon.

 After sticking the laminate to the table top, we moved on to the backsplash. Lots of measuring, cutting, and matching up of the pattern on the panels. This is actually something I finally got to help with!

Putting in the trim pieces.
Making sure we get the pattern matched up for the next piece. One eye closed measuring is the professionals way of doing things ๐Ÿ˜‰
Getting ready for install. At this point my hands were needed…so I didn’t get pictures between this stage and when the first two panels were up.
Two panels done. I’m loving it, just like I knew I would!
Matching up the third and final panel.
Then one helper woke up and brought her crew to inspect the work. She approved of course…anything shiny is always a winner in her opinion.
All installed. Now to put back the window trim and put up the stove hood.
Finished product. I heart it.
A “kitchen” worthy of Glamping in my opinion.

That was quite a time-comsuming project, but we were able to finish it completely in one afternoon. And I just love how it turned out. If we had seating in Journey, you bet I’d be in there during nap time just soaking it all in. But we don’t so I can’t. Boo.
Now when I say “Babymoons”, I’m referring to hubcaps…not a vaycay you and your hubby take before a baby comes. No no. There are no babies coming. Glad I cleared that up.

So perfect.

In my last Journey post, I mentioned that my mom, my friend Heidi, and myself were going junktiquing. We had so much fun and I found some cool stuff for Journey. I also got to shop in a couple “mobile” boutiques at one sale. Cutest ever.

Tin picnic basket from Haulin’ Sass, a locker bin I got at Junk Barn Girls and major props to my friend Heidi for spotting the “Joy in the Journey” sign at JBG. Good friends keep their eyes open for stuff like that for ya…she’s a keeper!
Cottage on the Hill sale in Walla Walla. RE:Fresh mobile boutique on the top and Haulin Sass on the bottom.

I got my vintage trailer fix that day for sure <3. We also had lunch at The Depot in Walla Walla. So good guys. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend it. It’s an old train depot converted into a restaurant.
Thanks for reading! I got my fabric for the curtains yesterday…we will see when I start on those! Hopefully soon because on December 7th, Journey will make her first public appearance…more on that some other time ๐Ÿ˜‰
Press on!


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  1. Deb says: Reply

    Would like to know where you got your backsplash material. Love the camper!

    1. Hi Deb! We ordered it from Lowes! In their kitchen dept, they have brochures for ceiling tiles, that’s where we found it ๐Ÿ™‚

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