Couch potatoes

Ok, picking up where I left off…building the “futon” as we call it.
Nathan started by constructing the cushion frames:

Then he made a basic “futon” frame inside Journey and made sure the cushions would fit before we put foam and upholstery on the cushion frames.

Part of being the helper is testing out how substantial  the construction is. She gave his work a passing grade to proceed forward.

The next part scared me a little. I’ve seen people on HGTV and the DIY channel make headboards and re-upholster chairs all the time. Looks like no big deal…for those people. I just started sewing this last spring, and I’m still not totally confident in my skills involving projects with fabric manipulation. Anyways, we checked out a couple of tutorials on how to cover benches, headboards, and seat cushions…but the best way to get it done is just to D.I.Y. So we did.

We found camper foam at Fred Meyer’s to use for the cushions. Cutting it to size, then we used some adhesive spray to get the foam to stay put.
Here you can see the foam and we used two layers of batting on top of that.
You can’t see it, but we basically cut squares in each corner to take the bulk out and then folded and stapled.
Next the pretty phase! Fold up the sides and staple those first.
After we stapled the long sides, we played with the corners. I have no tips for how to do corners. You just have to play with it until it looks right to you!
First one done!
Not too shabby for first-timers! And I’m crazy about the fabric 🙂
It’s actually quite comfy too!

Now the real test…will the cushions fit with all the added “bulk”?

It’s a tight fit…
But it fits!!
So nice to finally see some color in here! I’m starting to really visualize how cute it’s going to be 😀
Here’s the bones of the futon.
Pretty sturdy!
Other side.

I’ve always had a lot of confidence in Nathan’s building abilities and brains…but after seeing stuff like this, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing he can’t build!

There’s other things he’s been working on that I don’t know anything about- wheels/bearings, more caulking (couple leaks discovered after a torrential downpour last night), licensing, and sanding everything down inside for the next major change…PAINT!

I’m sure you can tell by now we are not technically restoring Journey. That would require quite a bit more time and money. Plus, we want this to almost be an extension of our home. It will be comfortable, functional, colorful, and family-friendly with vintage touches here & there. I was so excited to finally pick out some fabric for Journey and begin dreaming up the color/pattern scheme.  We’ve found some fun things at antique shows, flea markets, and Target to spruce up Journey. We even received a “trailer warming” gift from our mentors!

Cutest coffee pot EVER.

I guess they know how important coffee is to us! 😀 Thanks George & Sue!

Well, I guess that’s all I have to show you for now!
Press on!


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