Counter Top Part 2

The counter top fun continues! I planned on helping put in the sink and putting on the metal trim piece…but Nathan busted it all out while I was at the grocery store. I’m trying to stay caught up and not post three posts at once like I did last week (oops)…so I’m posting this update while Nathan is not home…and I have not a clue how he did any of this. So the following will be a lot of me talking about something I know nothing about πŸ™‚ Let’s begin, shall we?

He cut out the sink hole…I’m assuming he used like a router or something.
This is an upside down counter top, with a sink it, ready to be assembled. (I’m pretty good at this making up stuff :-D)
And this is how he attached the sink to the counter top. Looks like wood and screws to me. I would assume there’s glue in there someplace…but like I said…I was not there.
The little rectangular piece of metal is where the faucet is going to go.
Spot where the faucet goes cut out and ready for install.
Voila. A sink. A faucet. A counter top all together. Nicely done babe!
Then he put on the metal trim. I do know he bent those corners himself…with a tool of some kind. Thumbs up.
Not glued down yet, but there it is in it’s home! And see, it looks greenish like it’s supposed to πŸ™‚

Then he painted the inside of the ice box. It was in pretty rough shape.

After. He used spray paint for this.

And our replacement propane light cover came! He installed it…

Looks great and works great too! It’s above the dinette area.

Speaking of the dinette, he also cut out the table top and it’s now ready for us to put the laminate on it.

I tell ya, he was a machine this weekend! Way to go Nathan! You’re a hard worker…a fast one too!
I had the honor this Saturday of doing some “junktiquing” with my mom and good friend Heidi. I got some fun stuff for Journey…including a wooden, hand painted sign reading “Joy in the Journey”. Major props to my friend Heidi for spotting that. So perfect.
I’m starting to feel like we are actually going to be able to take her out of the back yard one day πŸ™‚ She has her first appointment at the end of October with the state patrol. Hopefully it will go well and without any hiccups.

That’s all for now! Thanks for bearing with my lack of knowing things. Press on!


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