More moving forward! Next we started work on the “sub-floor”. The original laminate floor was peeling off in places and extremely difficult to remove in most places, so the best solution was to cover it up with plywood (to even out the surface) and then install the new flooring on top of that. We started by puttying up the spots in the floor where the original flooring came off.

Filling in the “holes”
We’re puttied and caulked and ready to install the first piece of sub floor.
First piece done.

 Then we moved to the other end of Journey to install the next part of the sub-floor.

More holes to fill in.
Putty, caulk, ready to go!

Making sure the wood is in place before using the brad nailer.
Nailed it 😉
Occasionally, I use the power tools…as long as it’s not a saw!
Isn’t it just beautiful?!
So smooth and clean!
Almost makes you forget about where we started…*shudder*
It’ll look even better later, trust me!

Next we Nathan rebuilt the dinette benches and oven cabinet. I’m super impressed with the results.

Like a boss.
The end result!

Moving on to the next big build project…the back area. Remember what it looked like when Journey was basically a Bio-hazard on wheels? Let’s take a look…shall we?

I just threw up in my mouth a lil bit.

Not only was it so so gross, but the whole “bed in the back all the time” gig just wasn’t working for me. Because Journey needs to be functional for our family, I suggested that if we could somehow have a couch in the back that turns into a bed, that would be so much more ideal. Nathan, the man with the plan, was all over it.

Nathan, his helper, and her art work.
Started out by building the “cushion” frames.

I just realized this post will be far too long if I include a bunch of futon pictures…so I’ll end it here and post another one just about the futon.

Next post coming up soon!


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