The day after she came home, Nathan got straight to work. The first thing that had to be done in the trailer was deep cleaning. Nathan took all appropriate precautions. Even though he found no evidence of living mice, he wore a mask, sprayed almost all surfaces with bleach water, kept windows and doors open for several days, and vacuumed up/threw out contaminated contents.
Demo was also a big part of this phase. For so long it felt like we were just taking steps backwards instead of forwards. If you have a similar situation on your hands, I suggest checking out recommendations from the CDC for cleaning up rodent infestations/messes.

Her new home, about to be pressure washed!
Sprayed down with bleach water, ready for cleaning/demo
Sprayed with bleach water, and pre-cleaning
After some cleaning
Looking better
Flooring that needs to be replaced
Post demo/cleaning. Original water tank on the bottom right, which was thrown away. Panel will need to be pulled off due to water damage.

Def a few areas of water damage. Next was to figure out to what extent and what to do about the windows which had seen better days.

Ceiling/vent with evidence of water damage.
We were surprised that the water damage did not effect the frame or the insulation! This is exactly how it looked when Nathan pulled the wood panel off.

Nathan removed all but the “kitchen” and door windows. He removed the glass, screens, and frames. We scrubbed the frames and replaced the screens with new material. He bought new glass for the windows. It’s surprising what a difference new windows makes!

Prying out the frames

Old caulk crud

So much better with that caulk crud gone!
This door was in bad shape. Nathan had to remove it and basically rebuild it.
Windows and frames all in pieces being scrubbed. I used Vinegar & blue Dawn soap, worked awesome getting all the caked on dirt/crud off.

 Some pieces of a few windows were missing or just unusable, so Nathan made his own!

All those folded pieces of metal are what Nathan made!
Windows set out, re-screened. Ready for new glass and be put back together!

The instructions that come with the screen replacement kits are very easy to follow by the way.
The next few posts will be boring to some people (like me!!), but they are just all pieces to the puzzle and get us closer to our final, finished product- a fully functional, super cute, fun, family-friendly camping trailer!
Next post will be paneling removal, oven clean-up, and I might even reveal her name 🙂

Press on!


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