Tank, Trim, Tires

More improvements are being made to Journey! This weekend, Nathan has been working on painting the propane tank, installing trim inside Journey, and putting the tires back on.
We took the rims into a local tire shop and purchased new tires. She’s looking more road worthy! Now we just need to get some baby moons.

The wheel by the door.
Opposite side.

Nathan also spruced up the tongue and the propane tank. The tongue was rusty and the propane tank was just a little dirty looking.

Painted it white
Painting a butter yellow stripe.
Ta-da! I never thought a propane tank could be described as “cute”

No-longer rusty tongue and the propane tanks’ home!

On Friday, Nathan busted out the trim and caulking. It looks so good, and will look even better when he finishes the third coat of paint. For the third coat, he’s rolling it on instead of spraying. It seems to be covering the discoloration better.

Trim work in the back
Over kitchen cabinets.
Around/over the door and around the closet.
Hard to see, but there’s trim work/caulking around the windows and in the corners where the walls meet.

Rolling, rolling, rolling
This section is repainted and pretty much how it will look when he’s done painting it all.

Nathan is hoping to get an appointment with the State Patrol soon to have Journey weighed and have a VIN issued.
We ordered our laminate for the countertop/tabletop yesterday. We have also picked out a sink on IKEA.com and will go purchase it this weekend while we are in Seattle. We are still trying to decide what to do about the dinette benches. We got a quote to basically replicate the original with the springs, vinyl, etc and it’s way out of our price range. We are looking into trying it ourselves, or do something similar to what we did with the futon cushions.
We’ve done so much, but we still have lots left to do! Flooring, countertop, sink install, cabinet doors, dinette benches, curtains, table, install oven…not to mention at some point we need to shine her up! I have a list in my planner of everything that is still left to do…it’s a little overwhelming. And I may have written things done that are already complete, just so I could cross them off 😀

Well that’s all for now. I’m off to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies…even though it’s 90 degrees outside…I need to make pumpkin something. And these are my favorite cookies, so win win.

Press on!


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