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Over the weekend the hubs and I tackled a project that we’ve wanted to do for a long time…a gallery wall. This is how our wall has looked for close to 4 years:

YAWN. This is to the left as you walk in our front door. We’ve always wanted a gallery wall to have a mix of family pictures, vintage and current ones. It’s such a large space, it has so much potential…we’ve just never taken the time to compile our eclectic mix of frames, pictures, and wall art. I’d pinned a few inspirations and ideas over the summer…I love all the mix of textures, colors, and  items. We looked around the house, collected what we had on hand and got started.
One thing that was not moving or changing was our collection of family wedding photos. Nathan and I are both rare and incredibly blessed that we are surrounded by parents and grandparents who stayed faithful/are faithful, and have chosen to stay married for the long haul. One of the first things I did when we moved into our place 4.5 years ago was create this arrangement to honor those marriages. It’s always been a favorite adornment of mine in our home.

Our wedding picture in the center (2005), my parents and grandparents on the bottom, his grandparents & parents on the top.
From the left- my mom’s parents (1950), my parents (1976), and my dad’s parents (1948). Don’t you wish people still dressed like my grandparents on the left? So classy. Mom and dad, you’re classy too…in a flower child/disco fever sort of way ;-D
From the left- my mother-in-laws parents (1955), my in-laws (1983), and my father-in-laws parents (not sure, we are guessing early 50’s). Isn’t it so fun to see vintage wedding photos?!

Back to the project…

We didn’t really measure or lay things out before hand. We did it the super professional way…he held up a couple pictures in a spot, I stood back and gave the thumbs up or down. Precise I know.
During the process:

The small damask mirror was in my daughters room, and the subway art was from the living room. It was coming together well, but I felt it was missing some color, items of interest that weren’t photos, and I didn’t like the two large pieces side by side on the bottom. After a bit of re-arranging, we came up with a better look. I also wanted a large “S” for Stewart somewhere in the mix, and something to give a nod to where we live. My man is handy with a scroll saw, painters tape, math, paint and busted this out…

I only lay claim to the idea and the felt heart, but I love the result. We had a wooden “S” that was not being put to use, painted it the same aqua color, found an aqua colored medallion at Hobby Lobby…and this is the final result:

There’s still some room to add more items of interest and/or other pictures. I love how it turned out.

This is basically the center of the wall. The medallion was seven bucks. We also printed a couple other pictures for 6 bucks, so our gallery wall cost us about $15. Score! Three cheers for having paint, wood, and everything else around! I also have to give a shout out to our photog gal Jessica Greenfield. There’s a lot of her work displayed here 🙂

Another angle

Well, that’s what we accomplished this past weekend! It’s eclectic, personal, and makes our space feel more homey. Anyone else out there in blog land care to share their gallery wall with me?! Post your link in the comments!

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