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During the kids nap yesterday I took advantage of some “me” time. Turned on some Downton Abbey on iTunes, and got to creating. Years ago…before children…we had family pictures in the park with my parents and my brother and his wife. My mom gave me the pictures in a shadow box frame. I took it down about a year ago because it just doesn’t really look like us anymore…plus it’s missing all the kiddos! So it’s just been sitting in my room collecting dust.

Back when I first joined Pinterest a couple years ago, I pinned this thinking someday I’ll do that. I got one step closer this June when the hubs and I went to Farm Chicks…there’s just a ton of random stuff, including cast-off, mismatched silverware. I got a fork, knife, and spoon and they sat in my room waiting until I could find the perfect frame situation. Inspiration struck yesterday while dusting my room and I stopped dusting and got to work.

I cut some fabric I had on hand down to size and used tacky glue to secure the fabric. (Not the best choice…which I’ll explain why later.)

I had to cut our little sections around those thingys that stick into the frame (I don’t know what they’re called…do you?!) I used my hot glue gun for securing the fabric to the back.

I then laid out my utensils and made sure they were evenly spaced, etc. Then I used my glue gun to secure the utensils.

Ta-da! I decided against any words because I love the simplicity of it. Besides, I can always put some words over the frame on the wall.

Here it is in my dining area! Love the color it adds.
What I didn’t like about the tacky glue is that where I didn’t thin it out so well, there’s some “greasy” looking spots. Any suggestions what I can use next time? I didn’t use my glue gun for that because I knew that would happen with a glue gun. I guess I could have put some muslin underneath. Oh well. It doesn’t bother me enough to want to take it down 🙂

There it is! I think this probably cost about 3-4 dollars.
And right after I finished this project, I read my friend Hannah’s blog post about mother’s and spoons. Read it, I know you’ll enjoy it. Made me glad the spoon is the largest utensil in my creation 🙂 Thanks for your wise observations Hannah!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll wrap up “A” week later this evening!
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