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I’m now 14 weeks and 6 days along with kiddos 3 & 4…and I have yet to purchase anything. Right on top of the game, I know. However in spite of my lack of physical prepping…I have been planning in my head…and on Pinterest! (See my last post for FAQs about these kiddos.)

When I was pregnant with A&H, I didn’t put a while lot of thought into their nursery. Which was fine for then. (You can see super old posts if you follow “twins room” or “twins” tag) I don’t think Nathan & I had quite developed “our style” yet. This time around, we know what we like and are more confident in our building/decorating/home set-up skills. (I think finding your home decor style/groove can take some time, trail & error, and work! It’s taken us almost 10 years to find ours…and even then we still have trouble defining ourselves sometimes!) Things that we love to incorporate into our home/decor:

-natural elements: wood, stone, glass, metals

-mix of neutral colors and some bold color choices

-our personalities! We love to travel, explore, be outside, be together, play games, look at flea markets/antiques, and make stuff!

So all that being said, we can be pretty eclectic. We love farmhouse type decor and some modern pieces at the same time. We appreciate nods to retro, while bringing in some traditional, updated looks.

So what have I been planning for the nursery this time? If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have already guessed by my nursery board…but I would love to do an adventure/camping/outdoorsy/woodland creature nursery! I want it to be cozy, fun, colorful, and tasteful. I’m not one to decorate with cartoon characters, (sorry Pooh Bear & Mickey Mouse) but I do love some fun elements that say “hey! this happens to be a kid space!” I think cute little foxes, deer, and racoons will accomplish that.

Currently the babies future room is our guest room. Once the basement is complete (Thursday!!! EEEEPPPP!!!) the guest room will move downstairs and then we can begin the work on the nursery! This is what we have to work with:

Guest room Guest room

The yellow is more shocking than we anticipated. We will be repainting it Repose gray. The laminate flooring is going to be replaced with carpet. Then we can begin the fun stuff!

I love laybabylay’s style boards, and I’ve pinned a few for inspiration. I’m making the room fairly gender neutral…just makes it easier to switch it back to a guest room later…also I can bring in accents of pinks or blues if needed. (I think we are having another set of boy/girl twins…wishful thinking? Maybe. We will find out their genders hopefully on March 13th!) Here are my fav inspiration boards from laybabylay:

Vintage Trailer, adventure, road trips…I love it all. She gets us.

Happy little camper from lay baby lay- roundtrip camping nursery style board

(find the original post here)


Bright, bold colors, outdoors…and I love the arrows.

Lay Baby Lay: camping is my favorite!

(find the original post here)


I’ve also found a few things at Target that are fun and functional!


1. Skip Hop Activity Gym – Woodland Friend…has great reviews!

2. Circo® 100% Cotton Woven Chevron Fitted Baby Crib Sheet…I used Circo crib sheets for A&H. Loved them.

3. Circo® Woodland Trails 4pc Crib Bedding Set…not sure if this is what I’ll end up with…but it’s cute!

4. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Collection…pretty much love everything in this collection.

I’m not intending to spend a lot on bedding/the nursery, so I’m not looking for high-end, frilly, over-the-top nursery decor. Just simple, cute, functional, and budget friendly 🙂 That’s why I first look at Target! They seldom disappoint!

Also, last time I had babies, I didn’t sew…this time I plan on trying to make a thing or two! I might be getting too ambitious…obviously, I’ve hardly been blogging lately because napping always sounds like a better option…so who knows if my plans to sew will come to fruition! A girl can hope for her energy to peak at some point, right?

How about you, friends? How did you decorate your little one’s nurseries? Where did you shop? I’d also love some ideas on what to sew and where you buy your fabrics…so pass your tutorials and info my way!!

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Well, that’s all for today! And now…a power nap 😉

Press on,

Jaimi S.

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