Shelf Life

I haven’t kept up with my sewing projects lately because of one main reason…my craft table became the dreaded “dumping” ground for a couple weeks. So sad. And when you don’t have any space to work, you become so unmotivated to work! The proof:

Poor sewing machine, just sitting there amongst the disorganization.
More yikes. (Disclaimer: the large looking mess beside my craft table is the futon cushions and other items we’ve been collecting for Journey. No I don’t like it all in my room. But it’s not forever, and it’s better then storing it in the garage. That’s my excuse for that mess. I have no excuse for the table mess. Shameful.)

Nathan asked me one night why I hadn’t started sewing the curtains for Journey. I began expressing venting my frustration with my workspace and told him I wish I could just get stuff off the table…the stuff that shouldn’t be there at all and stuff that I do need, just off the table (scissors, pins, my fabric scrap basket, etc.) He said no problem, I’ll build you a shelf so you can put stuff you need handy up in reach, but off your workspace. I didn’t get any pics of him building the shelf because he decided to bust it out on evening while I did dishes after dinner…sneaky guy. He’s going to build a similar, bigger one for the living room sometime in the near future, so I’ll get pictures of that one. But here’s the finished product!

Pretty sweet looking eh? Looks like it took a lot of time and cash…it cost about $15 in wood/molding, 30 minutes or so in his time, and I painted it with 3 coats of white paint we had on hand in about 1 hour. Next I got to work organizing and purging…two of my favorite words 🙂

Looking better!
I added the pink bucket as my “to do” place. I moved things around on the shelves and purged a few things. There was a plastic tote under my table that held crafty items like pipe cleaners and googly eyes. I moved those items to the loaf pan I got at Farm Chicks this summer and was able to not have the tote under the table anymore, so my fabric scrap basket is now under the table. So much better!
On the shelf: yep, that’s a chicken feeder for my frequently used items. I love adding in unexpected items into my organization 🙂  The chevron folder holds a few patterns and my sewing machine paper stuffs.
Green IKEA fabric bin for biased tape, Ric-rak, and my pin cushion.
Tin holding Velcro, extra straight pins, and pre-made fabric rosettes my friend Julie gave me 🙂
Extra sewing machine feet and needles.

I still wasn’t totally thrilled that my workspace wasn’t completely clear. My self-healing mat and cutting guide were still sitting on the table. A trip to Home Depot for two command hooks and I’m golden. (These pictures are from my phone because our camera is a drama queen today. Please forgive the poor quality.)

Self healing mat, hung, and ready for use!
Measuring/cutting guide hung, out of the way!

Here’s a side by side comparision:

I’m breathing better, aren’t you?

Totes better (that’s for you Kace :-D)

Order has been restored with little money spent, moving things around, re-purposing items I already had, and purging things I didn’t need. I can now sew curtains for Journey!!
I’m linking up at the Organize It! Link Party hosted by Bowl Full of Lemons.
That’s all I have for now. I need to finish up “C” week later, and talk counter tops for Journey. Until then…
Press on!

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