Sitting Room Spruce-up!

Sitting Room Spruce up

As promised in the wallpaper removal post…here is our sitting room update! This room is still not entirely finished…we are still needing to add some built-in shelving…but until then, we are loving the transformation!

This is our first “finished” space, and we’ve already put it to good use! We had a couple over from our church the other evening, played a family game in here this past weekend…and Nathan and I use this room for our morning Bible reading. We also may or may not eat ice cream in here after the kids go to bed.

Let’s begin with what we started with:

Sitting Room (before)

Sitting Room (before)

Those were pre-wallpaper removal. I took these about 1 week after we moved in. The word I use to describe the room at this point: disjointed.
Post wallpaper, pre-paint
These are post wallpaper removal, and pre-paint. (Yes, I’m aware we need a good carpet cleaning. I’ll get around to that…someday.)

Before we painted, we sanded down the walls where the wallpaper used to be (just a fine grit piece of sandpaper worked well.) We also filled in holes and added putty to any spots where the wallpaper removal damaged the wall. Our walls have like zero texture to them…so filling in holes has become like a fine art to my husband.
We are using all Sherwin Williams paint for our rooms in this house. Big shout out to our local Sherwin store. Helpful, friendly people! The ceiling is painted with their special ceiling paint. It’s flat white with a drop of blue to help reflect the light better. It really helped brighten up the room. Our wall color for the sitting room is Simple White.

After the paint dried we moved the furniture back in and got to work decorating…the best part!


IMG_3263This time we pre-laid out our gallery wall items, instead of just hanging things wherever we felt like it. (Post about our gallery wall back in Washington here!)

Here’s the sitting room as it is today!

Sitting Room Gallery Wall


Sitting room done

Sitting Room gallery wall

I just love it. A calming place for friends and family to be together.
I’d love to point out some of our new finds! Glad you asked πŸ™‚


This aqua glass lamp and quarterfoil lampshade I found on Zulily!Β  The metal basket is from TJ Maxx. (Please ignore that the web address from that picture is from my previous web address!)


(Once again, we’re ignoring the web address…)The couches. I love these couches. These are not couches we will lay on when sick. These are not couches for children with fishy crackers to sit on. No no no. These are our first “adult” couches. Our previous couches were either free or came from a furniture store that was “going out of business” aka cheap cheap. Our last couches had snotty nose marks on them. Not these babies. (They do have some kind of scotch guard sprayed on them…but still…I will be a couch nazi and I will not be ashamed.) They came from a local furniture shop, Globe Furniture. I love that place. I could spend a long time in there. They have such great taste and a knowledgeable staff. The bird pillows came with the couches and I found the aqua pillow at Home Goods. Ok, enough about the love I have for the couches…the blanket basket you can kind of see in the bottom left is from TJ Maxx. Aqua chevron.Those two adjectives are meant for each other. There’s also a mercury lamp base with a white shade on the left side table…those are both from Wal-Mart.
IMG_3337This is “my chair”. It’s not new…but it’s always been tucked away in our bedroom. No more. I bought her at Pier 1 when i was about 6 months pregnant. She’s been with me about 4 years and I still love her. I read my Bible here every morning. Nothing in this corner is new really…I just like it. I’m pretty sure I’m going to paint that table. I turned my minnow bucket into a container for Bible reading items…highlighter, pens, notecards, Kindle & charger. The flowers were from the bouquet the kiddos for Mother’s Day <3 (does anyone else break apart bouquets? I love little flower arrangements in different locations throughout the house.) Still not sure what to put on the wall above my chair. Maybe a clock if I can find one I like. Oh, the floor lamp behind my chair is new…from Lowes.

Gallery WallThis is our gallery wall! The only new items are the trio of owls from Target. In our Washington house, our gallery wall was much bigger. We decided to pair down in this room and add a few more gallery walls in other parts of the house as we continue on our painting adventures.


Summer mantel

The mantel is made by Nathan. The candlesticks are from Micheals. The small globes and burlap ball are from Hobby Lobby. The global decor is a mix of items from Haiti and the Philippines. I love mixing in global decor. I have more, but they will have to wait in their boxes until we get the shelving installed. This mantel will rotate out with holiday/seasonal items as well. The curtains are from Lowes and the curtain rods are from Wal-Mart.

Now the official side by side comparison.

sitting room before
Sitting Room After
sitting room after
The room feels so much brighter to me and it feels more like home with our pictures on the walls. At first when we started choosing paint colors, I was hating the wood trim. I was missing my white trim in our Washington house. But I have to admit…the wood is growing on me. I still feel it limits me as far as colors, flooring, and other fixtures…but I do feel it adds richness and warmth to the rooms.
Like I said, this room still has a rather large blank wall and there’s room for more decor, etc…but the plan is to install some built-in shelving…someday! We keep telling ourselves we can’t do it all at once! Although we would sure like to sometimes πŸ˜‰
Thanks for stopping by! Next up will be the foyer and upstairs staircase!
That’s all for now! Press on! Linking up with the Motivational Monday link party!
Jaimi S.

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  1. It looks awesome, Jaimi! Ummm…. and those couches! They are perfection! Wonder if the brand is carried anywhere else, or if they’re just specific to your local place? Love love love.

    1. Thank you Lauren! I bet those couches are carried elsewhere. I know their buyer goes all over to find their merchandise.

  2. Love it Jaimi! And I agree with Lauren, those couches are great! Love a gray couch but they can be hard to find. Thanks so much for linking up with the Motivational Monday again!

    1. Thank you Becky! Love the link-up and your blog πŸ™‚

  3. The room looks so fresh and cozy now! I love all the new decor, especially the gallery wall! We will be removing wallpaper from a bathroom this winter, so I will be taking a look at your posts about that too. Thanks for linking up with us at motivational monday! I hope you’ll come back later tonight to link up again:

    1. Thank you Melanie! Wallpaper removal is tedious and time consuming, but so worth it! Love your link-up! Hope to be back soon πŸ™‚

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