First camping trip with Journey!


This post is a little late coming, but I just wanted to share about our first camping trip with Journey! We took off the last weekend of June to Deer Creek Lake State Park. It was a hot weekend, but we were ready to take Journey on her maiden trip!


Journeytrip3When we first arrived at the park we got to our site we reserved online only to find it was in full sun and right next to the bathroom. The website stated our site was in full shade, which we need because Journey is like a little oven…being made of aluminum and all! We drove around the park and found the last site available…and it just so happened to be mostly shaded! We traded sites and set up our little home away from home.






Journeycampsite2We had  to bring Mickey and his camping trailer along!

Journeytripcampspace3I always loved playing with my toys outside when camping…love to see my kiddos doing the same 🙂

It was a lovely spot and a wonderful park. Plenty of little trails, a park, putt-putt golf, activities planned by the park staff, a lake nearby, and clean bathrooms! Also not far from a few towns. We walked around the campground, went to the park, made dinner, and then put the kids to bed.

JourneytripbedtimeThe dinette folded down into their bed.

Journeytripbedtime2One might wonder “How do two 3 1/2 year olds sleep together in a small space?” I will tell you…not too well. They didn’t fall asleep until about 11pm and woke about 6:30am. Can’t say I blame them. It was very warm inside Journey…even with a fan. One thing we did learn during our first trip…we will be purchasing a small A/C unit for our next camping trip. I wondered why I hadn’t seen too many trailers like ours around…they are all over the place on the West Coast…especially the PNW. Camping in the PNW can be chilly and wet. Typically when we’ve camped in the past,  we wake in the mornings and are wearing sweatshirts and pants until lunchtime. Here…I woke up and put on a tank top and shorts. I’m sure it’s not that way in April or May…but June, July, and August…phew! Anyways…lesson learned: if we want to sleep while camping in the summer in the Midwest, we need an A/C! Back to the trip! We woke the next morning for breakfast and ate inside Journey at our lovely dinette!



Journeytrip7It was a wonderful pancake breakfast! And then it was time to get the dishes done…nice to have running water! Lil man was keeping me company and talking his construction vehicle magnets.

Journeytrip4After breakfast we decided to find a hiking trail and check out the beach at the lake.




adenatrail3Along the trail, it came to a secluded beach spot. We decided to stop to eat snack, wave at boats, and throw stuff in the water. A good time was had by all.

After we grabbed some lunch in town, we headed to the beach. I must say, I was impressed. This was an awesome beach for a lake. I’d love to come back to at least visit the lake.  Personally, I don’t really get in the water (lake and river water kind of grosses me out…chalk it up to the river I got into in the Philippines.)…but I loved laying on the beach and occasionally putting my feet in the water and getting splashed by my loving family.



The kids loved playing in the sand and splashing around with daddy. I loved watching and taking pictures 🙂

So after the beach, we decided we couldn’t face another hot, sticky, sweaty, sleepless night…so we packed up early and headed home. Even though we cut our trip short, it was a great trial run in Journey! We are looking forward to many more trips!


Journeytrip1doorshotIt’s my goal that everytime we camp…we get a picture of the kids in the doorway of Journey where ever we camp 🙂 I got that idea here! Another “tradition” I want to begin is taking a rock or piece of wood or something from our campsite and writing the date(s) and a memory on it each time we camp. I know I saw that on Pinterest somewhere…just don’t remember where 🙂 I have my rock from Deer Creek camp site…I have yet to write on it though.

Well that wraps up our first, very short, trip with Journey! We are taking a traveling break for awhile because our next trip is to the Oregon Coast…and no…we are not driving across country again…yet 😉

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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  1. Melody says: Reply

    Love these photos! And taking a pic of the kids in the doorway….LOVE that! 🙂
    We used to bring home rocks….still have one from our trip home from AZ…it’s a red rock….good memories, but your idea to write on the rock is fantastic! love you all!

    1. Thanks mom 🙂 hopefully you and dad can join us sometime! xoxo

  2. Kayla says: Reply

    This is a great post! How fun! I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog today. Check it out if you want to participate:)
    -Kayla @

    1. Hi Kayla! You’re too sweet! I’d love to participate! I love getting to know other bloggers! Thanks for including me 🙂

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