Improvements, finally!

When I left off on the last “work” post, the windows were off, exterior lights were working, propane line/oven was working, paneling/insulation was removed, and basically we stripped/demoed everything that needed to be stripped or demolished. For the longest time it felt like all we did was move backwards. If something needed to be fixed, it had to be ordered because, what?! There’s no vintage trailer supply store in small-town southeastern Washington?! I know, we were shocked too. But like almost all projects, it has to look worse before it can start to look better.
Finally, we started to re-build and improve the overall look of the interior. It’s a slow process for sure, but little by little, we’re putting Journey back together!
Before we added the new insulation and paneling that was needed, Nathan made she Journey was all sealed up. Anywhere that looked like water had gotten in, he sealed it. (Except for the windows) The Lord was good to us because for about 2 weeks straight we had zero rain. Not terribly uncommon in these parts,…but when you’ve got a trailer you’re trying to fix up and not accumulate any MORE water damage, no rain is a gift! The following pictures/projects were done about mid July.

New insulation installed, ready for new a new panel!
New panel!
It was awkward getting it in there and curving wood that really wasn’t meant to be curved. But it looks so much better.
New insulation in the front, ready for the new panel.
New panel. This one was not as awkward and doesn’t curve as much.

After the new panels were installed, it was time to reinstall the windows. We were trying to hurry at this point because our “no rain” days were bound to run out some time. And about two days after Nathan got the windows back in, it sure did rain!

Good lookin window!
New window & screen. Also, on the bottom is the little door Nathan re-built. New wood, straight frame, better than new!
The saw master, doin his thang.

This next part amazes me a little. But that’s probably because it involves math…something I’m not good at unless I’m figuring out what 50% off a pair of shoes means. The new ceiling panel involved lots of measuring and cutting skills from Nathan. The space looked like this if you can recall from a previous post:

Not something I should be put in charge of for sure! (New ceiling vent by the way!) So he got it all measured up and cut the panel to be installed. I was in charge of holding up the panel while he brad-nailed it to the frame. (Someone has to do those kinds of jobs!) Here’s the finished product, and it fit perfectly of course!

So, so, so much better!! I’m totally impressed that little changes like 3 new panels make Journey look so much cleaner. Makes us excited for when she’s super cute and ready for travel!

I’m almost caught up to where we are currently. Life seems to be crazy right now, but let’s be real, when is life not busy?! Everyone is busy. At the moment as I type this, I don’t think we done any actual work inside Journey for about 5 days. Nathan picks up jobs on the side as they come for a little extra income and he also manages rental properties for a friend. It seems needs arise simultaneously. Right now he has about 3 other gigs going on, on top of his real job. So needless to say, without him around in the evenings/weekends, work on Journey is at a standstill. And believe me I’m not complaining. She’s sealed up and will be fine the way she is as long as she needs to be. Gives me time to pick out important things like fabric for curtains 😀

We don’t just work though! Last Saturday we visited Nathan’s parents at the Union Gap tractor show. They make homemade ice cream there every year. We had a great time!

Mini train ride.
Us girls were thrilled to see a pink tractor at the show this year!
Ash driving the little tractor in the “parade”. This year miss Had decided she wanted to be in it too.
As you can see, she’s got the princess wave down pat.

Next post we will talk floors, dinette benches, and futons.

Press on!


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