Table install, cabinet doors, and Journey’s first event

This post should just about catch me up on my Journey posts. After our photo sesh in Royal (blog post), that evening, Nathan and I installed the dinette table. This is back in October by the way…

 First Nathan drilled a hole in the floor with…that circular thing attached to his drill. We didn’t realize the floor was so thick! I mean, we are very glad…but we weren’t expecting that. The metal you see on the left on the bottom of the hole is the frame…and the other half of the hole you could see the driveway.

 He bolted the base to the floor…

 Twisted the post in…

Put the table top on and…

Presto!!! A table!!…that you can’t sit at right now. Boo. We will get those benches figured out…someday :-/ Who knew that would be the most frustrating part of this whole process?! Anywho…this is what it looks like when you fold the table down to turn the dinette into a bed…

So that didn’t take long, and it looks great. It will look even better when there’s a place to sit so you can actually use the table.
So Journey was scheduled to be used for an upcoming Women’s event at our church that I helped plan. She even inspired the theme and logo of the event!

So cute, right?! My girl Mary at our church is a master with graphic design. So, we had to get Journey as ready as possible for her big event. No one would go inside, but since ladies could peek in the windows, we wanted her to look as finished as we could get her. Since making dinette benches in about month was out of the question, Nathan decided he would make cabinet doors to help finish her up more. I really didn’t know what wood he used or anything…I’m just enjoying the results 😉

Oven the kitchen
Over the kitchen again
Under the oven.
Above the dinette.
Under the icebox and futon.

Can’t wait to put them to good use 🙂
So then she was pretty much ready for her first event. I followed Nathan on the way to the church…it was soooo cold that weekend, a record breaker I believe. It was snowing lightly as we drove to the church…just to add to the Christmasy feel 🙂

There she is in her spot at the front doors, waiting to be decorated and greet the ladies coming into the event!
Perfect photo op for the event go-ers! My girl Mystie and her crew are decor rockstars. They made Journey and the entire event so festive.
Another view. Aw! She’s just so cute!!

The event was so fun. Since a blessing and pleasure working with so many talented ladies, meeting new people, and putting together an event that we’ve never really tried before! The Lord has given us all unique gifts and talents, and when we work together and use them for His purpose and glory…it’s just awesome! It’s hard describe almost! I love to organize and I was able to use that gifting that the Lord has given me…and it just blessed me while I blessed others. Here’s a few pics of the event…

Entrance into the auditorium…Shelly and I were not permanent fixtures 😉
Sharehouse was there selling their for cause goods and slingin the best coffee ever.
Lots of handmade goodies! Each vendor donated 51% (or more!) to our church’s The 13 Campaign.
A little something for everyone!
Lots of space to make it bigger next year… 😉
Sweet ladies…my mom and mother-in-law at their “5 Dollar Spot” booth.
Shopping with a purpose!
My heart was so full. The entire event just had the Lord’s hand on it, and His presence was evident.

If you are in our area, and need a church, or want to check out our women’s ministry events just visit the women’s ministry blog! Up next is a women’s retreat in the spring. Getting super excited about what the Lord has planned for that!

Well, that concludes my Journey post. Now she’s just been sitting in the back yard, having a little winter break while we make our summer plans to take her glamping… 🙂 I wonder where we will go first? My vote is Farm Chicks…

Press on!


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