We did J and K last month in “preschool”, just wanted to share about that real quick…this will be my last preschool post, possibly indefinitely…which I will explain later.
We did J about mid-January. We were fighting some funky virus at the time, so what looks like sunburns on the kids’ faces, is not a sunburn, it is in fact a viral rash. Weirdest thing ever, but hey, I’ll take that over other things viruses bring anyday!
I realized I had never taught A&H how to do jumping-jacks, so we started with that…you forget the coordination it takes to learn those and I’ll admit it…I laughed.
Next I drew J’s on cardstock and they glued beans onto the letters…this was something they really enjoyed. 

 I love taking pictures of their little hands at work 🙂

They were so proud of their work, they wanted pictures…

Next we made jellyfish.

Googly eyes, markers and ribbon. I like how Miss H’s jellyfish has hair. She cracks me up.
Then we made Jell-O…and we also found out later that evening that little dude is not a Jell-O fan.

Oh well, there’s worse things he could dislike.

Something we’ve started doing is using our bean bags for learning and hand-eye coordination. I found some version of the bean bag song on YouTube and that helps them follow instructions and have fun at the same time. (If you want to make your own bean bags, I did a tutorial here! Cheap, easy toys/gifts. Bonus!)

“Put your bean bags on your ears!” Haha.
 Next we did K. I didn’t put much effort into this one. And since the beans on the J went so well, we did kernels on K’s.

So that does it for our last preschool post. Why the last you ask? My husband has been blessed with a new job and we are packing up and moving to Ohio! (You can read the whole story here.) When I told the kids today that we are done with preschool for now they both went “awww!”…that was kinda nice to hear 🙂 Even though it was frustrating at times, I know it was good for us to do it.

So for now we will focus our time on packing, being with our friends/family, and getting ready for the next journey the Lord has for us! Stay tuned…I’m sure there’s some exciting things ahead! Also…if you have any packing tips, especially regarding moving across the country with kids, I’d love to hear them!

Press on!


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