WA to OH to…

WA to OH to...

Turns out, writing a blog post isn’t the easiest task to accomplish when one has 4 kids. When I was on my “vacation” in the hospital, one of my friends who has 4 kids told me “this 4 kids thing is no joke.” She’s so right. And I feel like I have it easier in a way than she does…I only have two ages to deal with…she has four ages. Bananas. This is how my blog writing process has been going lately:

After mulling over thoughts, ideas, and topics for many many days and nights, I’m finally ready to hash it out. Everyone is fed, happy, laundry is started…time for a quick break. Make coffee. Log in to my blog. Suddenly realize I have not used the bathroom in about 5 hours…probably should do that while no one is losing it. Ok done. Now a 5 year old needs help taking apart a Lego creation. No sweat. A baby starts crying, needs pacifier put back in…ok. Put pacifier back in while sweetly reminding baby that those vile things will be taken away in the near future. (I loathe pacifiers.) Baby settled. Back to blog post. Oh but first, laundry needs switched. Should probably fold and put away real quick too. And then I’ll write the post. Walking to the computer I see that I forgot to rinse out bottles from the last feeding. Rinse rinse. Oh sheesh! Is that really the time?! Noon already?! A&H are you hungry for lunch? I bet you are! (My biggest fear as a mom of four is that I will forget to feed someone…shoot, I’m afraid I will forget someone altogether. It is a real possibility folks. Refer back to my friends comment above.) Get kids lunch…reheat my coffee and realize I have not eaten since 7am which was a piece of toast. Find myself some food quickly while unloading the dishwasher…seriously after this I’m going to sit down and write that blog post. Phone dings…I have about 8 text messages I have yet to reply to. I should do that before these people think a.) Jaimi died b.) Jaimi hates me c.) Jaimi has been taken hostage by 4 tiny humans. Reply to messages. Kids done with lunch. Get them set up with some books for quiet reading time. And now it’s time to feed some babies again…I guess that post will wait til this evening when all the kids are in bed. Fast forward to that time…you can find me either: a.) asleep b.) sitting on the couch with Nathan catching up while folding laundry or c.) sitting on the couch with Nathan, a glass of wine, and a Fixer-Upper episode on TV. Admit blog post defeat. Try again another day.

I have to laugh that this is seriously how a lot of my days go. Most days I feel like I accomplish 2 things: feeding 4 little people and laundry. I kept A&H out of preschool this year because before school started and I would rehearse in my head our morning getting-ready-for-school routine…all I could foresee was crying, yelling, and dropping the kids off feeling like a terrible mom. I have not regretted for one minute keeping them home. I know they miss their friends…but I feel a peaceful home is a high priority right now. They don’t need to look back on this time and only remember a crazy mom who was always telling them to do something quickly so that we weren’t late.

But….there has been one other thing added to my list of to-dos for the past couple months…also another reason I kept A&H home from school…

WA to Oh to...Our home has been on the market! Getting the house ready for showings while keeping 4 kids alive is not for the faint of heart….and someday I will post about how to do such a thing…but today is not that day. And someday I will tell you how the Lord has been preparing us for our leaving Ohio…today is not that day either. But He has been working, we’ve been listening, and we just want to do what He tells us to do and go where He wants us to go…and now that place is…

Wa to Oh to..

WA to OH to...

WA to OH to...Kansas City! The City of Fountains and World Famous Bar-B-Que! Back in July while I was in the hospital, Nathan was offered a job with a small business to become their General Manager. He’s been wanting to leave the realm of government employ for awhile and after some advice from a few of his career mentors, some prayer and research, we decided this is where the Lord is taking us next. And to be honest, we are pretty excited about it!

Back in July when E&J were in the NICU, Nathan and I flew to Kansas City to meet some of his potential co-workers and check out the area. It was a whirlwind trip, but well worth it. Nathan accepted the job offer and they said come when your house sells. Well….that was back in mid-July. Our house obviously didn’t sell quickly. The Lord’s timing is perfect friends. Even though we wanted the house to sell quick so he could get to his new job…the Lord knows best. And we are so thankful his new employer was so patient and willing to work with the timing of it all!

There’s a long story I could give…but the short answer is, it was good to stay in Ohio while miss J had her clubfoot casting. Her doctor anticipated it would take 6-8 castings. It only took a total of 5. After she had the last set put on, we got an offer for the house and proceedings began. She got her last set off yesterday and now has her boots and bar.

Wa to OH to...
Casts off!
WA to OH to...
Our little snowboarder ;)

Moving during the casting process would have been doable, obviously…but we would have had to have found a new ortho right away, etc…like I said, the Lord knows best. Now when we get to KC, we have a few weeks to get her in someplace for a check. Also, E&J typically only wake up once per night now…so packing up a house is a lot easier with a little more sleep under our belts ๐Ÿ˜‰

So back to the move. Our home is under contract, we are fixing some things the inspector/buyers asked us to fix and we will be pulling out on October 30th to our new home!

WA to OH to..We had to add two new states to our little “home state love” collection! Nathan will be working on the Missouri side of KC, and we will be living on the Kansas side. For now we will rent a home and perhaps purchase a home in a year or two.

We’ve learned and seen a lot during our time in Ohio. Someday I will share what’s going on in my heart about it all…but for now I just wanted to give a quick update about what’s next for the Stewart family: Kansas City!

Thanks for praying for us and following along with our journeys…it’s not over yet! We are excited to check out more of God’s creation and see what He has to teach us in Kansas City!

I’d like to say I’ll post again soon with more updates…but we all know I’m just not a reliable blogger right now ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s far easier for me to give short-sweet mini blog posts on Instagram. So if you want updates, I suggest following me there if you don’t already ๐Ÿ™‚ My username is @eventuallycomplete .

Happy Wednesday friends! I pray it’s filled with grace and peace!

Press on!

Jaimi S.


WA to OH to...

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  1. Kathy Nyman says: Reply

    God bless you sweet woman & mommy & wife and all your other tasks. It sounds like you are doing well. God is blessing &’being right beside you. I’ll pray for extra strength & that all the little details will fall into place, that God will bring extra help, & this new walking in faith, will be blessed so much.mthanks for taking the time to fill us in so we can pray more specifically. Take care.

  2. Ann M says: Reply

    I hear you on moving a few times in a few years. It’s hard but good. When the Lord calls you out, you go and there isn’t much room for discussion. And yes, I could write a mini-book on little kids and staging a home to sell. God Bless You. It’s not easy.
    Happy Moving! Love to hear the update.

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