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Do you have a basement? If you do, do you have a good relationship with your basement? Mine is a love-tolerate relationship. Like, I love 75% of our basement. I love it’s usefulness. I love how cool it is in the summer time. I love the kids can go run around down there and make a mess and no one cares. And being an introvert…I love I can be in the basement and not answer the door…it appears no ones home 😉 Ok, I gave away my secret. But seriously…a basement is like one of the best inventions of home building. Basements are uncommon in the PNW. Here…basements seem to be as common as noses on faces.

So if I love all those things about the basement, what do I tolerate you ask? The wood paneling. The carpeted stairs. The wood paneling. The carpet in the TV/playroom. The wood paneling. The layout of the basement. The occasional basementy smell (made-up term…but everyone knows what that smells like). Did I mention the wood paneling? And up until recently…I tolerated the lack of organization in the unfinished portion of the basement. I started reorganizing and making my plan of attack back in July. I moved boxes around, sorted items, and purged some…and then everything sat. In a mess. For months. And then, we finally tackled it full force these past couple weekends.

This is what our unfinished half of the basement looked like shortly after we moved in:

basement post move in





I never felt like the space was utilized well. And after we had been here a few months and I started unpacking boxes…my feelings were confirmed.

This is what the basement looked like the day I started the organizing process:




Chaos. No rhyme or reason to where things went. I was tired of it. So I sorted everything into groups: unused home decor, outdoors/travel items, holidays, home essentials, home repair supplies, laundry supplies, craft supplies, seasonal clothing, office supplies/documents, memory boxes, and party supplies. I purged some things, and then the project sat untouched for most of the summer. My handy hubby had ideas to build me a rolling work surface and more shelves…and last weekend..it all started coming together. The wooden shelves/workbenches that were there when we bought the house, we moved around and decided to build custom shelving on the laundry side of the room…opposite the w/d units of course. Then my man added more lighting to make it look less like a dungeon. After the lighting was done, and we moved the existing work benches and vacuumed the space we started by measuring items for the shelves and planning where we would store what. And then, he got busy building!

basement shelving

2x4s on the wall at various per-determined heights to support the shelves.



Adding the frame of the shelving.


And then the braces.


The particle boards cut to fit and in place…almost done!


Lastly, a little custom attachment for rolls of gift wrap! Bonus! And now…the final results!

basement shelving

Order! Functional storage! Organizational bliss!

Let’s talk about this gift wrap organizer/movable workspace. My husband created that rolling work space from scratch. I love it’s versatility. Wrapping gifts, folding laundry, using my Cricut, endless possibilities.

giftwrap organizer

The hanging basket system is from Ikea. Each basket holds items like Sharpies, tape, tissue paper, etc. A lot of gift wrap supplies, but those are also items pretty much any utility space needs. Multi-functional. Win-win.




Another view of the gift wrap storage.

On the shelves, I tried to group like items together.


Bottom shelf has empty baskets, tiers, apothecary jars, global decor items, and bigger unused decor items.

IMG_4675 IMG_4676 IMG_4677

The second shelf holds our replacement lightbulb box, birthday and party ware boxes, cake making box, unused pictures/frames, plate holders, and misc unused vintage decor. Once we build our dream shelving in our sitting room…much of this decor will finally have a home. Until then…here it sits. Waiting. Hoping. Dreaming of decorative days. Ahem. Moving on.


The third shelf holds a bin of paper/plastic wares, batteries bin, adhesives/tape bin, hooks/hardware bin, and extra unused storage containers. Not a very exciting shelf…but very useful! 🙂



Finally, the top shelf holds unused decor, suitcases, inflatable bed/pump, and misc outdoor gear.

Across from this shelving is the washer dryer.


All my laundry supplies are stored in the rolling cart on the right.


My guy also added in a hanging bar (upper left) so I can hang dry clothes. What a stud! Someday we may create some kind of folding screen to “hide” the sub-pump. Until then…just…ignore it. 😀


The laundry zone in full action. Takin’ care of business. Everyday.

So where did those shelves go that came with the space? What does the rest of the unfinished basement look like? Glad you asked.


To your left, you will find the shelves you seek. Now more efficient then ever.


Extra craft supplies for myself and the kids. The light blue container is summer decor and the container on top of it is fall/Thanksgiving decor.


This…I love. Christmas, Easter, and Valentine decor below. Top…a new workspace! A place I can paint, hammer, glue and make messes when crafting without ruining my awesome craft table. Best.ever.


Extra paint, documents, memory boxes, photo boxes, home maintenance supplies, and a container of vintage coffee cans…which I’m debating about selling.


Looking back towards the laundry side. On the left there’s a crawlspace.


Seasonal/extra clothes, CDs (what are those?!), and my husbands….hobbies 😀 this area might change a little later on…but for right now it works.

That’s basically it! I know it’s not “pretty”, but it’s amazing what some simple shelving, containers and more lighting can do for a space! So much more functional! I actually enjoy being in this part of the house now! I also love that not every space is full. There’s room to move things around and add more things if necessary. I also told the kids when it gets cold and snowy…maybe the bikes can come to the basement. There was much rejoicing.

IMG_3915 basement shelving

Before                                                                  After

IMG_3917 IMG_4681

Before                                                                  After

IMG_2976 IMG_4686

Before                                                                 After


What projects have you been working on lately? I’d love to see! 🙂

Press on!


Jaimi S.

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