Guest bath fix-up!


In my last house post, I said my next post would be the foyer/staircase. Obviously we got side-tracked. We decided the stairs needed a complete overhaul, and we just finished that over Memorial Day weekend.

A fair warning. This post contains potty talk. And pictures of potty-replacement. Hey, when you blog about DIY home projects…sometime the potty is going to get brought up. Jus’ sayin’.

Ever since we moved in the guest bathroom toilet hasn’t worked quite right. Our dads fiddled with it a couple times while they were here, and it helped for a week or two, but it just never….delivered the services we all tend to expect from a toilet. So a couple weeks ago after I had plunged the toilet for the second time that day, I texted Nathan and asked how much a new toilet costs…because this was getting redic. I didn’t want to have guests over and cause them undue embarrassment over toilet clogs. (And just to be clear, I was plunging after 3 year old business…which I know would seem like a lot in a diaper…but as far as business in a potty goes…it’s hardly worthy of a plunger. Time for a new potty.) He said it was doable and that we should tackle that project that weekend. (Along with the project we had started the night before…ripping off carpet on the stairs…but that’s another post altogether that will be completed within a week or so. I hope.) Anywho…back to the bathroom. We went to Lowes, picked out the new toilet and headed home to begin the great bathroom fix-up project! Because as long as we had the toilet out…we may as well paint the room!

toilet removal_edited-1This is pre-toilet removal.   We referenced Home Depot’s YouTube video on toilet removal/installation throughout the day.

IMG_3383_edited-1Bye old broken-down toilet! (We have a dumpster for all our home projects btw. I highly recommend getting one if your garbage company allows.)

IMG_3384_edited-1Old toilet gone. Take the opportunity to scrub that floor. Gross! Now on to the painting prep. Take off all towel bars/shower curtain rod, fill holes, wipe down walls, and sand the area where the wallpaper used to be.


IMG_3390_edited-1Then I painted the ceiling with Sherwin Williams ceiling paint. I’ve under estimated the power of a white ceiling…it does a lot for a room. That’s not everyone’s opinion of course…but I like it better.

IMG_3401_edited-1After that dried, all the trim was taped and  I got to work painting the walls in Sherwin Williams’ Breaktime. The pictures don’t do the color justice. It’s minty/seafoam green color. Nathan called it Tums green. Pleasant. Anyways…it looks blueish in some pictures…I assure you, it is not blue.

IMG_3423_edited-1After the walls dried, we removed the tape, breathed a sigh of relief, and installed a new light fixture above the sink. It’s from Home Depot. We also decided to ditch the medicine cabinet/mirror combo.


IMG_3431_edited-1After that, we installed the new toilet and some new decor….annnnndddd….We have a “new” bathroom!!


IMG_3478_edited-1It feels so clean! (Except for the grout…I’m on my second round of scrubbing with this recipe. I might breakdown and use bleach.)

Because the color scheme I chose could so easily go “nautical”, I stayed away from any rope or wood elements. I’m going for more of a “preppy modern vintage with a splash of glam” look.  At the end of the post, I’ll tell you where everything is from.





IMG_3483_edited-1New toilet makes a big difference…in more ways then one 😉

IMG_3485_edited-1One of my favorite things is the pictures. I saw on Pinterest a few years ago about putting up old bath time pics in the bathroom. I’ve always loved that idea…and these are a few of my fav bath/water pics of the kids.

IMG_3484_edited-1New light fixture. I love the clean simple lines and the vintage yet modern look of it.


And the official Before & after:

Before&afterguestbathI’m happy with the transformation! Sometime down the road after we tackle some other projects, we would like to replace the counter/sink/faucet and paint the cabinet. But for now…we’re happy with what we’ve got…a working toilet, white ceiling, and an inviting guest bath!

The Goods:

Paint color: Breaktime from Sherwin Williams

New toilet: Kohler from Lowes

Light fixture: Home Depot

Shower curtain: Target

Gray towels: Target

Shelf: made by my man

Towel bar & hook: Lowes (can’t find the specific ones…I think they are allen+roth)

Yellow hand towels: Kohls

Metallic framed mirror: Kohls

Yellow bowl: Target (old)

Mercury jar w/ lid: Hobby Lobby

Blue ceramic bird: Hobby Lobby

Washi tape bunting: made  by me

Well that’s enough bathroom talk for one day! Do you have an inviting bathroom? I’d love to see it! Leave a comment and your link!

Press on!

Jaimi S.

Comment away, friend!