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So now that we are mostly unpacked and settled in, I thought I’d give a little house tour! A little disclaimer however: consider these our “before” pictures. This home was built in 1992, so some things need to be replaced due to age/wear. Other things need to be updated/re-done. However, it is my desire to never dog on the previous owners. They built this home and took a lot of pride in what they did. I respect that. While things like wallpaper and light oak cabinets are not our personal taste, they did an excellent job putting up the wallpaper and kept this home well maintained. We do intend on changing quite of bit of the interior of the home, but I never want anyone to venture on to this blog and be offended by things said about this home. Who knows, maybe you are good friends with the couple who previously owned this home! You can tell them we say well done on what they did here. We love living in this home and look forward to the projects ahead and the process of making it “ours” šŸ™‚

To our friends and family back in Washington: we miss you. Those three words don’t sum up to the emotion behind that statement. We wish we could have you all over for a house-warming party. And since we can’t…why don’t you just go pour yourself a beverage of choice and pretend you’re here for that reason and we will be begin our tour!
Welcome to our home! 2 acres in southern Ohio. It’s considered rural, but we are only about 10 minutes from town. It’s peaceful out here. We’ve lived here two weeks and we just love it. Such a blessing from the Lord for us to live here.

 As you walk from the driveway to the front door, feel free to have a seat in the porch swing and drink in the sunshine and farmland. I know I enjoy that.

Come on in!

This is the foyer. Stairs to the right, sitting room to the left.

 Couple other angles. Coat closet is at the bottom of the stairs.

Let’s start off with our favorite room: the sitting room. No TV. Just books, games, conversation, and lots of coffee.

The wallpaper will be gone soon and we will add some built-in book shelves behind the loveseat. We bought the couch and loveseat at a local furniture shop. We have our eye on a dining set there as well.

Already made one change: the side table and we added a floor lamp. 

Moving on to the dining room/kitchen area. From the foyer looking in.

Please try not to covet our dining set. I like to call it “temporary functional chic”. You just watch, it will catch on one day.

The plan is after the wallpaper is off, walls are painted and order is somewhat restored, we will take out the carpet and put in hardwood floors.

 See where the plastic drawers are to the left in the top picture? We would like to expand the pantry a little and then add in a built-in desk/work station and have it look cohesive with the kitchen. Still dreaming up the elements that will make up the kitchen.

We would then move the dining area to this side of the space.

The sink above and the coffee bar below.

To the right of the coffee bar is the door out to the garage. This view is standing in Nathan’s spot looking into the house. I have big plans for this space.

 Here’s a view of the backyard from the french doors in the dining space.

 Moving back into the house and down the hall. First door on the left is the main bath.

Next door on the left is the guest room. Ready for visitors!

At the end of the hall is the linen closet.

To the right is the master bedroom/bath. Plans include: remove wallpaper, paint, different flooring, closet system. We also obviously need a bed frame. Again, “temporary functional chic”.

One of the first things we did was remove the closet doors. It really opened up the space. One of the features of our room I love most is the windows. I love to look outside while I fold laundry.

Beautiful views and always birds chirping with the occasional bunny hopping by!

In the bathroom we would like to: remove wallpaper, paint, change lighting, and possibly do something different with the vanity/sink situation.

So that about does it for the main floor of the home. Now we head upstairs to the kids’ rooms!
When you reach the top of the stairs, you are greeted by the reading nook! I’m so excited about this little area. I’m not done with it yet, but it has such potential to be so fun!

To your left is Miss H’s room. It is humongous. Truthfully I felt weird about letting such a little person have such a large space. But she is hardly in there alone. Ash is usually playing in there…and there’s plenty of room for another bed should any cousins or friends come to stay for a visit. And A&H just love the space for the kitchen. They play restaurant, coffee shop, and store all the time. We would like to replace the carpet and we will be painting and changing out the light fixture.

Obviously we need to paint the back of the kitchen.

There’s the princess herself, looking beautiful as always!
Kitty-corner from the reading nook is the kids’ bathroom. We need to change out the flooring and the vanity. We would also like to create more storage.

Across from the bathroom is Ash’s closet.

Lil dude has a good size room too. Plenty of room for all his trucks! We want to change the carpet, remove the cork board wall, and paint in here.

Back down stairs to the basement! Stairway down to the main floor.

The stairway to the basement is in the dining area before you go down the hall to our room. Watch your step!

To the left is the kids play area and tv….which is yet to be hooked up. But it’s there and waiting šŸ™‚ I tend to let this room go a bit since it’s out of sight out of mind. We aren’t sure yet what to do with this space. we can’t move the wall, so we have to work with the space we have. We do want to change the flooring and possibly paint. We are kicking around the idea of a built-in entertainment center incorporating the fireplace. But for now, the room functions well as a place for kids to make a mess and play swords.

That little fireplace is amazing. Heats up the area quick!

To the right of the stairs is my craft area. When I took these pictures I hadn’t unpacked anything yet, so it’s sad looking. Just picture the potential in your mind.

Continuing on through the open door is an empty room. We used it for a guest room when the grandparents stayed here. Still not sure what it will be exactly…but we have another room if we need it.

We will probably replace carpet and maybe paint in here.

Lastly on the tour is the laundry space/unfinished portion of the basement. We still have lots of question marks about this space too. Lots of space with a wide array of opportunity…we just need to nail down what we need the space to do for us.

 Well, that concludes our little tour of the new digs. Thanks for coming along! And we welcome your suggestions and ideas as far as what to do with our projects! Unless you suggest a man cave for Nathan…he already has a detached shop, which I did not include in this post. That will be for another time…
Press on!

Jaimi S.

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