Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]

The kitchen project continues!! In the the last post I left off with the cabinets having been painted…now…it’s time for the new floors! We decided to go with an engineered bamboo floating floor from Lumbar Liquidators. I’ve been pretty excited for this particular update since that meant removing the stained carpet in the dining room and hallway. I knew the end result would look so much better.

Just as a little factoid about our home…when we moved in there happened to be 15 different kinds of flooring. Yes. 15. I am not exaggerating. Almost every room had it’s own type of flooring/carpet. So we have been working on fixing that and these spaces are pretty much last on the re-flooring list. We might recarpet the sitting room…but not anytime soon 😉

Here’s what the space looked like before Nathan started ripping up carpet.

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]| nice bright white cabinets with awesome new hardware!!)

Then the work began!

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comBye carpet. You won’t be missed. Next the moisture barrier was laid down on top of the subfloor.

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comAnd then the floor! This part went fairly quickly and really only took him about 5-6 hours!

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comThat same weekend Nathan built the forms and poured the first two slabs for the concrete countertops. He’s done a few in the past for other people and I’ve always loved how they’ve turned out. Now it’s our turn!!

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|


We did try something new…the little pieces you can barely see are pieces of glass. Not sure if they will really show up…but it doesn’t hurt to try! We bought most of the supplies from this website.

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comAll poured and ready to…sit 🙂

Now I’ll show you what the kitchen/dining room looked like after the new floor was done.

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comSOOOOOOO much better, right?! I told Nathan even if we stopped here, I’d still love it. But…we most certainly are not stopping here! Still more to do! But, what had we done before we even started the kitchen saga? Glad you asked.

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comThis is everything that we had done prior to painting cabinets and replacing flooring. Because this is what we started with:

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.com1991 called, they want their kitchen back. Actually remind…they don’t. 90’s decor is dead, never to be resurrected. (You can check out some of the updates we’ve made to this space in previous posts like removing wallpaper and moving the desk/dining area)

So what’s left to be done?

Kitchen Saga [Part 2: Floors!]|eventuallycomplete.comAlso: switch out appliances to SS (when we can), replace the sink and faucet, add a tile backsplash, all counters will be replaced, and finishing details like trim around the top of the cabinets and the front of the breakfast bar.

There’s much more to come! Stay tuned!

Press on and have a great weekend!

Jaimi S.

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