Staircase & Foyer Reveal


In the last post I left off with the trim being painted on the stairway…and now the exciting part: the reveal of the finished product!

But first…let’s go back to where we first started.

The foyer before:


foyerbeforeThe foyer: AFTER!




foyerdone5Wallpaper: gone. We used Balanced Beige from Sherwin Williams in this space. The ceiling light is from Lowes. The oval metallic mirror is from Hobby Lobby. The dresser used to be the kids’ changing table. We got it at an antique store in Prosser, Wa. I know the space looks a little minimalistic…but I like it that way for now. We may add a bench and some coat hooks down the road…but for now, I like the way it is. (You can see the sitting room transformation here.)

Now for the stairway! Some before pics:







stairsafter2Because this staircase leads up to the kids’ rooms…I wanted this to be a fun, colorful space that highlights their artwork. I also wanted to make sure and work in some Scripture in this space. Because lets be honest…parenting can be messy business…I need those reminds near their rooms to rely on Him…we can’t parent out of our own power. We need Him to fill us and provide energy through His Spirit and His Word. And when they start to read…they can be reminded of His truth too!

stairsdone2All the pieces on the wall are new…and were all purchased at excellent prices!

stairgallerywallI love this Open sign…we believe in having an “open door” policy in our home to our friends and family…so this works well…and it was 4 dollars at Hobby Lobby!

stairgallerywall2The bulletin board is a great place to swap out current Sunday School work or Preschool work. It was $11 at Hobby Lobby and the cute thumb tack were $1 at Office Max.

stairgallerywall3The mirror was another Hobby Lobby clearance find-$4!

stairgallerywall4I purchased this print on Zulily  for $20 and the metallic frame is from TJ Maxx for $15!

stairgallerywall5This might be my favorite piece (except for my kids’ artwork…sheesh! I’m not a heartless parent! ;-D) but I love this reminder. So simple…but so easy to step outside of abiding in Him. Good reminder in a good place. And it was $6 at Hobby Lobby.

stairgallerywall6Kiddos artwork that can be swapped out and hung hortizontally or vertically. The frames are from Ikea for $1. Miss H’s is the pink frame…her first family picture. When I asked her why there were only 3 people in the picture she said “because daddys at work right now!” You could hear the “duh mom” in her voice 😉 Mr’s in the blue frame is his first self-portrait. The circles around him are his…quote unquote cage. Um ok. I’ve decided to find it charming.

stairgallerywall7Have you visited MERCY iNK’s shop? Well you should!! This is one of three prints I purchased from her. I “met” Lauren Mills through Instagram and I just love her heart…and her style. This verse reminds me of who I am in Christ and where my true strength should be drawn from.  Her print captures the verse beautifully. I’ll show you some other time where I’ve hung her other two. This frame is also from Ikea.

pennantbannerI wanted some color on the other side of the staircase, and a pennant banner is an easy way to accomplish that! I got the hooks at Hobby Lobby for $3 each.

stairsdone3Like I said before…the staircase didn’t turn out exactly as we pictured it would. It has a “worn” look to it…which we kind of like anyways. And its much better then carpet!

stairsdone4Just a little closer look at how the stairs turned out. I love the shine, the rich warm tone, and the clean white trim & walls!

Official side by side shots:

Before:                                                      After:

foyerbefore2 foyerdone

Before:                                                    After:


Before:                                                    After:

stairsbefore2 stairsafter2

Well, that’s about it! More changes to come!

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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