WA to OH:: the Journey continues (Part 2)

I’ve traveled pretty much all of the west coast and southwest before…but I’ve never been beyond WY. I was excited to see more, but I knew there was a lot of…prairie land between Washington and Ohio to get through first. It’s hard not to nod off through parts of Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and half of Missiouri. 

The first day we crossed 4 state lines. Spirits were high and we all did pretty well. (Our parents came with us…not sure if I’ve said that yet. Huge huge blessing!) Nathan and I were having trouble staying awake thru Wyoming before our first stop however. 
The next morning we started early again and made our way through Wyoming to North Platte. It was cold and windy through Wyoming which made our trek slow going pulling two trailers. We stopped in Cheyenne for lunch and then a stop at the world HQ of Cabelas. 

It was 70* in NE that day! Good thing I packed a pair of shorts because it was hot in the car!

That night we stayed at our good friends the Stone family’s house in North Platte. It was such a joy and encouragement to spend time with them. And a home cooked meal was so lovely after a few days of fast food! John is a pastor at North Platte Bereyan and he took us on a tour of their town and church. Loved seeing where they do ministry. 

A&H enjoyed the Stone boys Lego table!

You never know what you’ll find in an old church…this was in the costume closet. ‘Nuff said. 

Thank you Stone’s! Praying for y’all! 🙂

Our next destination was Springfield, Illinois. Getting closer!! I would love to go back through some places and look at historical POIs. Birthplaces of Walt Disney, Mark Twain, and Abraham Lincoln, the Mississippi River, the Lincoln Library…so much history! But…there was a lot of boring flat nothing too…

I think this is towards the end of NE.

Iowa…my grandpa (my dads dad) was born in this state. I wouldn’t mind finding where he grew up…other then that…

This is how we felt about Iowa and half of Missouri. 

Stewartsville, Missouri! 

After our night in Springfield we were ready for the final leg of our trip: home!
We finished out Illinois then drove through Indiana…where we stopped at our first ever Steak & Shake! (Nathan has been before, but the rest of us had never been…and we are now all fans.)

After Steak & Shake we made the final push and drove into our new home state for the first time. 

The welcome to Ohio arch.

We def have the best welcome sign I’d seen on the journey. Way to go Ohio.

Right after we crossed over…don’t we look like official Ohio citizens? 

The rest of that day was…chaos. Boxes, furniture, lifting, getting the w/d down to the basement, oh and people still have to eat, run to Kroger and get frozen pizzas, unpack cookie sheets…and a pizza cutter, paper plates, set up a table…unpack toys to keep kids occupied…you get the idea. But the kids were so happy to be out of the car and loved exploring the new place. They did an excellent job keeping themselves occupied. 

Lil dude on the front porch. 

So much room to run!!

About to go in for the first time. 

They approve.

Unload that truck! The Lord blessed us with awesome weather that afternoon. The next two days it poured rain. Thanks God!!

The sitting room=a mess

Sewing table corner=a mess

Kitchen=a mess!!!

You get the idea. It was so awesome to have our parents there to help us. They don’t complain, argue, offer unsolicited advice, or even disagree between themselves…they just jump in and help where they are needed. I know not everyone has parents like that…we are truly blessed by their hearts of service and sacrifice. Thank you moms and dads. <3
And while I’m tooting horns…I’ll toot one for the kiddos. Unpredictable schedule, stuck in a car for days on end, different beds, food, bathrooms, pretty much everything…they ROCKED IT. Of course they are 3 1/2 and had their “moments” (good thing I never plan on going back to the BK in Lincoln, NE. Cough cough *miss H* cough *major meltdown* cough cough) but overall they did so great. I am sure the success of our trip is owed to Goldfish, stickers, DVD players for the car, Jungle Book, Richard Scarry and his amazing books, cheap dollar store toys…oh and the 4 grandparents of course 🙂 thank You Lord for keeping us healthy, safe, and mostly sane 😉 
Another fist pump to my husband. He drove our car, stayed awake, was patient, and it was just a joy to be together again. Love you babe. 
And Journey did so well! It was great to have her to stow the luggage and extra snacks in! Can’t wait to use her to explore the country around us! 
After we were home a few days, we took a day trip to the Columbus zoo. That was a fun little break from our work. 

I love this picture 🙂

I think they enjoyed the puddles more then the animals…

Zoo selfies, cuz me n my dad keep it real. 

We loved showing our family around Ohio as much as we could…but their time here with us came to an end and they had to leave…which could probably be a post all in itself…and it may very well be soon. I’ll need my box of Kleenex when I type that baby up. 
Thank you for keeping up with our journey and allowing me to document our travel. It’s important to me to remember things about this time. And while our cross-country travel is done, our journey in our new home is just beginning. So there is much to come as we seek The Lord here. Thanks for bearing with me 🙂 
We’ve been in our new place a little over one week and things are (mostly) put away. My next posts will be on the house and maybe one about how we are doing. 
That’s all for now!
Press on! 
Jaimi S. 


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