Yard Projects:: Part 1


The Yard is not my most favorite thing to talk about, or work on for that matter. I’ve never been a gardener. I like flowers…when my husband brings them home in bouquets, or when someone else has taken the time to plant them and make them look awesome. I just don’t know much about plants and what grows best when & where. When we moved into our house, the yard was in pretty decent shape…but we knew we wanted it to function as much more of a family space. But first, we had to deal with a few “eye sores” before we could move onto the “fun” stuff.

Here’s what the yard looked like before/when we moved in:

3-12-14 108

The front yard…you can’t see it in this picture…but off to the right there’s a little wooden wishing well that sits over the well cover. Cute for some, not cool for us.


Standing in the back yard, looking toward the back of the house. The round piece of concrete towards the shop, directly under the tree on the right? That’s the cover to the septic tank.


You can see the septic cover again in this picture to the left…and on the right is a wood pile covered with a giant tarp.

Overall, the yard was well kept and not too much to maintain. (Besides the mowing, bush trimming, tree pruning, leaf raking….) But like I said, it needed to function in a more family friendly way. The first order of business was taken care of the week we moved in while our parents were here: building the playtress.

04-08-14 458 IMG_2843

That was quite a task. It took 5 adults (I was usually in the house with the kids while unpacking boxes) almost 48 hrs. to put that thing together. But we are so glad we have it. What a great thing to have when you have a bunch of kids over, and even for just our two kids.

Next, later in the month of April a storm blew over a tree in our front yard…that needed to be cleaned up.


So Nathan chopped it up and piled it up behind the shop until we could burn it…someday.

We decided we didn’t like the wooden wishing well in the front yard, but we needed something to cover up the well. Nathan found some fake rocks online and bought one for the well cover and a bigger one for the backyard to cover up the septic lid. We didn’t feel it was safe having kids play around that area, so we wanted it covered. But we didn’t want to just have these “rocks” sitting in the middle of the front & back yard. So we decided to make those areas into a little islands for some visual stimulation.

IMG_3533 Front yard/well cover

This is the front yard well cover. We are pretty pleased with the results!

IMG_3530 IMG_3531 IMG_3532

The septic cover/island area. And you can see, the fake rock is hollow and upside down looks kind of like a pond. I can’t show you the final results yet! Not until the next post ๐Ÿ™‚

While we created the islands, we also moved the wood pile to the side of the shop. It wasn’t something we wanted kids trying to climb, it was ugly, and we had better plans for a burn area ๐Ÿ™‚


See? I do work! And outside too! After we moved all the wood, Nathan covered the bare patches with dirt and grass seed to get it to blend into the yard.

Next we moved on to the area behind the shop. Nathan loves having bonfires, so it was important to him for us to have a little bonfire area. But we didn’t want just one of those little fire bowls you buy at Lowe’s…we wanted it about 6ft long, in the ground, and to kind of look “natural”. You know like you’re just walking along, and you notice some rocks just so happen to be in the most perfect firepit formation?! Yeah, that’s what we wanted. Most of my searches on Pinterest for “natural looking firepit” came up fruitless. So we just kind of had to make it up. We found about 20 small-medium size limestone rocks on Craigslist for about $60….such a good deal. We wanted our firepit area to be able to be big enough for a group gathering, but not so big that you don’t get the ambiance of the fire.

IMG_3893 IMG_3896 IMG_3906_edited-1

IMG_3907_edited-1 IMG_3908_edited-1

First we measured out the space. We think this area used to be their garden, so we also wanted all of that gone. Since it seemed the area was a little big for just a firepit, we decided to put a garden box in the back, close to the shop (because,…I love to garden right? Hopefully I will learn to love it). Once we got all the weeds out, the area mostly leveled and the firepit stones and garden box in place…we added sand! Bags and bags and bags of sand.

Firepit Firepit

And….that’s all for now ๐Ÿ™‚ I promise we finished all these projects. Head on over to the next post to see how our yard looks now! Well…ok technically now it’s November and the leaves are gone and it’s cold…but how it looked towards the end of summer.

What yard projects did you accomplish over the summer?

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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