Yard Projects:: Part 2

Firepit area

In my last post I talked about everything we started in our yard this past summer…but I didn’t show you any finished projects…that’s what I’m doing today 🙂

But first a recap: playtress built, fallen tree chopped up and moved (and later burned), wood pile relocated, grass planted in bare spots, well & septic covers covered & turned into islands, firepit & garden box area developed. Phew.

This is the best I could find of a before picture of the same angle as the after:

Backyard- before
Backyard- after

Close-ups of the island in front of the playtress:

6-24-14 709


Notice the wood pile is gone? ‘Tis but a distant memory 🙂

6-24-14 736


Playtress area(ish) before:


Playtress area after:


Looking from behind the playtress towards the firepit.

Firepit area before:



Firepit area after:

Firepit area

Firepit area

Firepit area

The large spool was next to the firewood pile that we relocated. Nathan stained it and it makes an awesome side table for snacks, drinks, roasting sticks,…and anything else we need in reach! We love that we decided to use sand instead of stone for the ground cover. When it rains here, it rains hard, so the sand kept getting washed away along the edges. We dug out around the perimeter, added the pavers, problem solved! But seriously, the sand makes it feel so beachy. It’s a great place to be barefoot in the summer time 🙂 The garden box has not been put to use yet because we added it past planting season. But I have big plans for tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, carrots…we shall see if I can grow anything edible!


We even used the firepit for a little get-together we hosted. (This was pre-pavers). It’s such a fun space…so glad we have it 🙂

Well, that’s a lot of what we were up to this past summer! Did you tackle any major outdoor projects this summer?

Press on!

Jaimi S.

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