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9 days to go!!

Only 9 days left until we meet our bebes! We are so excited! And I will also be glad to be done being preggers 🙂 I have my last NST and Ultrasound on Tuesday and our last appt with Dr. Smith on Thu... Read More

September 20, 2010

The big day is only 16 days away! We have the C-section, aka the twins birthday, scheduled for 9/20/2010! I will be 38 weeks on that day. He is hopeful the babies will stay put until then, but if my w... Read More

Twin’s Room

We’ve been working hard the last week or so to get the twins room ready for them to be brought home, and I think we are almost there! Still need to get a changing pad, and add a few more things ... Read More

Twin Shower

I tend to not really care for baby showers. I don’t like the games and I always feel bad for the mom-to-be sitting up in front of everyone looking uncomfortable. I was so grateful to my mom̵... Read More

Pity Party

I’m having a pity party this morning. Today is the Clayson Farms antique show, and I CAN’T GO! Waaaahhhh! Boo hoo!!! Sniff sniff……..ok….I’m done with my tantrum. Na... Read More

Maternity Pictures

Just wanted to share our maternity pictures! They were taken by Jessica Greenfield, who I highly recommend and she will also be taking the twins pictures after they arrive! That will be so exciting! H... Read More

Recent News

August is flying by already! I admit that I’m ok with that however 😉 Here is an update on how we’ve been since my last post:Had an ultrasound on Friday last week, and the babies are roc... Read More

Happy 4th of July!

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I have to admit, this is my favorite holiday! I love summer, BBQ’s, fireworks, ice cream, and this country that we live in! This country was founded on Christ, freedom, and hard work. History ha... Read More