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Maternity Pictures

Just wanted to share our maternity pictures! They were taken by Jessica Greenfield, who I highly recommend and she will also be taking the twins pictures after they arrive! That will be so exciting! H... Read More

Recent News

August is flying by already! I admit that I’m ok with that however 😉 Here is an update on how we’ve been since my last post:Had an ultrasound on Friday last week, and the babies are roc... Read More

Happy 4th of July!

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I have to admit, this is my favorite holiday! I love summer, BBQ’s, fireworks, ice cream, and this country that we live in! This country was founded on Christ, freedom, and hard work. History ha... Read More

Graduation Weekend

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First of all, congrats to my little sister (in-law) Heidi! She graduated from Hanford High School yesterday! What a gorgeous girl! We are so proud of her! We will be hosting her party tomorrow afterno... Read More

Dining Room

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Just wanted to post the pictures of our newest change to the dining room!This is what it looked like before: The light came with the house and was just not quite doing it for us. We have been looking ... Read More

Stewarts x2!

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We found out January 28th that we were expecting. Nathan and I decided to keep the news to ourselves until we could see the doctor and make sure everything was looking ok before we got excited and got... Read More