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The Other Side.

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That was the view from my hospital room, where I was for 3 weeks this month last year.  Everyday I looked out this window, wishing I could see the other side instead of being stuck in the middle of t... Read More

Summer Bucket List

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Happy Saturday! Just popping in to share what’s on our Summer 2016 Bucket List! This is the first time we’ve ever made one and I’m so excited to start checking things off! The other ... Read More


Sometimes I feel like there’s so much I could write about on my little corner of the internet…but then other times, my mind is blank. I frequently come across posts on Pinterest that go so... Read More

KC Home Tour:: Part 2

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Welcome back to our KC Home Tour, Part 2! If you want the skinny on our home searching process and the story behind it all, read my last post, KC Home Tour Part 1 🙂 I left off upstairs, and we were... Read More

Rental House Living

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Happy Friday! Today I wanted to share a bit about our rental house experience…how we made it look more like “us” and how I organized in a temporary space. First I must say right off ... Read More