H & I

Well we jumped back onto the “preschool” band-wagon. Ever since the holiday season I’ve noticed a few things we need to work on while we do our projects and routine.
Little man doesn’t follow instructions well…the main reason (from what I’ve observed) is that he thinks it is his job to make everyone laugh and be a goofball. While I do think he is often funny, I know a kid acting like that in a classroom setting is never fun for a teacher…so I’ve been trying to train and correct this “comedian” side of him at home. He also has his own ideas of how he thinks projects should go. I know a lot of parents/teachers just let art projects flow and let kids do what they want…but I think it’s important he learns that when instructions are given, he needs to follow them. So when we do art projects, I give him clear instructions for him to follow like “color this and this, but you can’t color over here.” I’ll talk more about that later.
Little sweet pea needs to learn time management. If I give her a color sheet, or something she really likes it can take her FOREVER to finish. I’ve had to set timers for her lately and tell her she can finish it later. This tends to not bode well, so then we have some correcting with that attitude as well. The attitudes and struggles of three-year-olds are very…dramatic to say the least 🙂 New seasons of life bring new struggles and we are all learning together! And praying…a lot.

“H” was a fun letter…and we did all of this last week. We talked about horses, hands, houses, hearts, Haiti, Hawaii,..and probably other things I can’t think of right now. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

I traced their hands, and drew a little house on their papers. They then traced the H’s and added heart and horse stickers.

 Next we moved on to our painting project. This one was a BIG hit. Heart shaped plastic cookie cutters, finger paints…they thought this was amazing. I’m in the market for more plastic cookie cutters. I got this set of 4 in the Target dollar section.

Very precise about the heart placement.
Not so precise…but I told him not to drag the hearts…he did pretty good actually. You could tell he really wanted to though 😉

Then we talked about aunt Heidi living in Hawaii and Daddy going to Haiti. We looked at the globe, talked about the equator and they asked me where different people we know live. It was a good first geography lesson 🙂
The next day we did our houses and hand print tree pictures. I love how these turned out. I cut out shapes and told them to build a house. I was pretty impressed with how well they did….I gave them no direction besides “let’s not make our houses fly”…they did the rest!

 Then we glued down the houses and tree trunks. Oops…let me back up…so here’s where I gave Ash-man specific instructions that he didn’t follow. While I was helping lil miss, I told him he could color his house and to the left of the house…but not the right of the house (I showed him too). Well…you can see below…he didn’t follow my instructions. When I told him he didn’t follow, he was pretty sorry..he even told gramma about it that evening. I think he’s getting the idea, but I’m sure we will be working on this for a long time 🙂
Back to the project. Next we did green hand prints to make trees!

Sorry for the poor quality…I’m no photographer 😛
I love these…might have to keep them up awhile 🙂

We went to the library last week…and I caught them sharing a book…sweet kids.

 On to “I”…is it just me, or is “I” a toughy? We didn’t do much for this week. We talked about insects, ice, igloos, ice cream, and inspecting.

I drew random shapes so they could turn them into insects.
“Inspection” trays
We used these dry erase books to trace letters this time. They love them and call them their “workbooks” 😀
I told little man that this was not a color sheet, that he needed to draw legs, eyes, antenna, etc. He wasn’t too keen on that idea and mostly just traced my shapes and drew “hair” on the insects.
She loved it. In fact, she only got that insect done. She wanted to finish, but the timer went off and we moved on…after some chatting about moving along with the group and obeying with a happy heart.

 Next we did inspection trays. They had all kinds of beans, some pasta shells, glass beads, and “jewels” to look through. This was a good activity and one I’ll probably bring out again. They didn’t “inspect” like I hoped they would…but they liked transferring, touching and scooping the items.

A sorter and organizer at heart…that’s my girl 😉
And the mess maker…he likes scooping and dumping 🙂

 That was about it for preschool this week. I’m excited for next week…I plan on making jellyfish with them from paper plates!
Lastly…I want to tell you about an awesome Christmas gift the grandparents got us….an indoor trampoline! (I believe the grandparents ordered it on Amazon.) It folds up to fit under a bed and can hold 150lbs. I use it during preschool especially to get some wiggles out.
A&H take turns by singing the ABCs or counting to 20, then get off, then it’s the other one’s turn. This certainly isn’t a substitute for playing outside…nothing beats playing outside to get a 3 year old boys energy out…but on a cold January day, it’s better then nothing!

 Well, that’s all I’ve got for now!
Press on!


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