Where does the time go?

Ash and Had were 5 months yesterday! They are rockstars…that’s pretty much all I can say! Been sleeping through the night since they were 3 months old (which makes our lives so much easier!), Ash weighs about 20 lbs with Had weighing in about 15 lbs…they are both 25 in long. They already interact with each other…as much as 5 month olds can! But it’s so cute…they make noises at each other, smile, laugh, kick, pull ears…which then causes crying! We were going to start rice cereal this weekend, but they both started getting runny noses so we will hold off until the first weekend in March. 
We’ve done so much since my last post! Here’s some recent pics:
I decorated for my soon to be here neice’s baby shower in January…I want to do more!!
Had the small group gals over for some crafting 🙂 Here is Jenny with her fabulous creation!
When the weather is nice, we take walks…we usually end up at the park.
After decorating for my coming soon neice’s baby shower, I’m addicted. I want to do more parties! I don’t even care if I know the people having the party! I just want to decorate 😀 I’m trying to think of how I can make that into a business…hmmm. Anywho….I’m starting to plan the babies one-year birthday party…so that helps curb my urge, just a little tho!
We are planning our first out-of town adventure with the kids. We will be going to Portland end of April to visit our niece after she arrives and of course we will be taking the babies to the zoo! I can’t wait to see their reactions! And we are staying in a hotel with an indoor pool…so it will be the babies first “swimming” experience 🙂 Our next planned adventure is the first week of August…Cannon Beach with both sets of grandparents! Can’t wait for that! Love the beach!
Well…better go be productive 🙂

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