Plan to Eat:: Why You Should Start a Free Trial Right Now

Plan to Eat:: Start Your Free Trail Now |

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It’s Friday! {Insert happy dance!}

A few months back I wrote a post about Plan to Eat. Well it’s months later, and I’m still a fan. I’m closing in on one year of using Plan to Eat and while there have been some weeks I didn’t use it (our road trip to Washington for instance! I wasn’t really cooking during that time!) but overall, I use it at least once a week…often more! Even if I don’t physically plan out the meals using the calendar, I use the shopping list, add recipes using their nifty Plan to Eat button, and access my recipes regularly.

If you have some free time this weekend, I want to encourage you to check out Plan to Eat and start your free one month trial within the next couple of weeks…I will explain why later!

At first when I started using Plan to Eat, I was making meals for 4 people and the babies were still taking bottles and starting solids. It was a very helpful tool when I was feeding 4 people…fast forward to now and I’m feeding 6 people and I find Plan to Eat an extremely useful tool! I’m still adjusting to making meals for 6, but Plan to Eat makes it so much easier. I used to only use it to plan our dinners, now I find myself using it to plan out lunches as well! When I have an event or function coming up, it’s easy to add in the snacks or ingredients I will need to my schedule and shopping list. My mom bought me an Instant Pot for my birthday and I’ve enjoyed figuring out how to use it and saving the recipes I find onto my Plan to Eat recipes! Also, in the past month or so, we’ve become a family who goes through 2 gallons of milk per week…adding 2 gallons of milk to my shopping list each week helped me remember that fact until it started becoming a habit to pick up two 😉 I could go on about how and why I use Plan to Eat…but you can read more about it in my post back in April 🙂

Plan to Eat:: Start Your Free Trail Now |

Why should you sign up for your one month free trial now, you ask? I’ll tell you why! We are nearing the middle of October, which means we are getting very close to Thanksgiving…and the day after Thanksgiving happens to be a day known as Black Friday. I’m sure you’ve heard of it at least a couple times 😉 You guys, Plan to Eat has an amazing Black Friday special that lasts 4 days: November 25th-28th…50% off yearly subscriptions! That means you can get all the benefits of Plan to Eat for $19.50 for one year!

So let’s say you start your free 30 day trial next week…you get familiar with it, decide you like how it works and how much easier it makes the meal planning and grocery shopping side of your life and then only about a week later, you sign up for a one year subscription for half-price! And as an added bonus…all your recipes and past meal calendars are still there! You do not have to restart your profile! Even if you had your free trial months ago…all your meals, recipes and calendars are still there! Guys I’m all about saving money and time…I feel like this is the best of both worlds! Maybe you already have a Plan to Eat account, (if you do, I want to be your friend on Plan to Eat!!) you can always give the gift of meal planning to someone else! That would be super generous of you!

Even if you sign-up for your free trial November 1st and take advantage of the Black Friday sale, you get to finish out your 30 day trial before they charge you…so December 1st you would be charged the Black Friday sale price. I like honest companies 🙂

So there you have it folks. Start your free Plan to Eat trial, get the sale price during their Black Friday sale…you are golden for a year my friends! And don’t worry, I’ll remind you again as Black Friday gets closer 😉 I know sometimes these kinds of posts can get annoying. I certainly don’t like reading blogs that are ALL marketing and “buy this and that”…but I honestly am a fan of Plan to Eat, and I don’t blog about just anything under the sun…I want my posts to have purpose. So I hope you know when I tell you about Plan to Eat, it’s coming from my heart to help you! Because I know how dinner time goes….

Plan to Eat:: Start Your Free Trail Now |

Yeah. When that’s happening…I don’t want to also be thinking “I have no idea what we are even HAVING for dinner!!” I don’t want that for you either friends! (Thankfully, when I actually took this picture, I was already making the dinner I had planned using Plan to Eat! 😀 )

Have any of you tried Plan to Eat? I know one of my friends just signed up for her 30 day trial…I’d love to hear from any of you who have tried it! And the folks at Plan to Eat also love feedback…so tell them what you think too!

Have a wonderful weekend friends! And happy meal planning!

Jaimi S.

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