“A” week

Those of you who know me well may think I’m crazy, but today I started “preschool” with A&H. The plan is to pick a letter a week and go through the alphabet. I figure we will finish the alphabet around March-ish and then we will move on to numbers. My reasons for doing this are many…here’s the big ones:

  • We might as well do something! We decided against sending them somewhere this year so they might as well learn something this fall/winter!
  • I need to be more purposeful about letting them explore, be creative, and….make messes. There I said it…and it hurt a little bit I’ll be honest. I hate mess, disorder, & chaos in my home…pretty much everything they encourage in preschool. While our “school” will be far from a free-for-all-distory-the-house-drive-mom-crazy gig, I am determined to push myself in this area. I know it will be good for all of us. Just might require more coffee, Diet Coke, and prayer 😀
  • Ash needs to be better about transitioning activities with a good attitude and willing heart. Once he gets to doing something he likes he doesn’t want to stop, which I totally get. But in the real world, especially in school when the teacher says “we are doing this now” that means everyone. I’d rather I help him work on this concept then subject some poor teacher to his bad attitude.
  • They love it when I plan activities. I think this will really allow us bond in a new way and help develop their learning styles further.
  • I want to introduce new things to them: places around the world, Bible characters & verses, virtues, and basic writing skills. I’m already amazed at what little sponges they are…how could I not take advantage of this time?!

So all that being said, here’s what we did today! We started with the letter “A” this week. I didn’t get too adventurous today as I knew lil dude would struggle going with the flow…and he did a few times. After a few moments of correction, he improved. Still stubborn, but doing what I asked of him.

Here’s “A” things we’re talking about this week: astronaut, architect, artist, ark, Abraham, America, attitude, apple, animals, ant, airplane, aquarium, ambulance.

First we started with 3 songs to get the wiggles out. Important with boys 😉 Then we started out with a coloring sheet I found here. It has pictures with long & short A examples. I also use the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics toy to help with this. It’s awesome. They already know most letters because of it. I think my mom found it and the LeapFrog Word Whammer at a thrift store. I highly recommend both just to have around. So while they colored (with markers! Which is a BIG deal for them. Remember…mommy hates mess! :-P) we made A sounds, sang the ABCs, and listened to the A sounds on the Fridge Phonics.

Another “smile”

Here’s the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics, our alphabet flashcards, and our “what people do” flashcards. I love flashcards from the dollar store and the Target dollar section. These flashcards came from Target. I have a pocket chart to hang up and these flashcards will be up all week for them to play with/look at.

Next we moved on to letter tracing. Ash was not so thrilled to put away the markers, so after some correcting, we moved on. He still wasn’t super thrilled and had to be reminded to obey with a happy heart several times, but all in all, he did well. I forgot to pin the letter tracing sheets site…but if you just search on Pinterest or Google for “letter tracing sheets”, you get a lot of options.

I helped her with the top two then let her do the rest on her own. She rocked it. I was impressed.
Helped him with the top two as well. He did well when he tried. He really likes to do his own thing, so I had to keep reminding him to follow instructions and not color all over. But like I said, once he got on board, he did well.
Little hands at work
Not too bad!

Next we moved on to a sort of fine motor skill/transferring activity. Basically I just took dry beans and put them in muffin tins and gave them a spoon. Nothing fancy, but they liked it. Win.

Lastly an apple coloring sheet and stickers. Having them take their own stickers off is a great fine motor skill. Lil miss is pretty good at it, lil man struggles a bit, but is getting better. While they colored I read a Noah’s Ark book and an Ambulance book.

Love this…his lips when he’s really working at something 🙂

We ended with Play-doh…everyone has seen kids play with Play-doh so I won’t bore you with those pictures. Everything we did took roughly an hour. Still enough time before lunch/naps for a Costco run and a stop at the park!
I’m not sure how often I will post about what we do, right now I’m thinking beginning and end of the week.

That’s all for now!
Press on!


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