B to C

I didn’t finish up B week last week. Thursday is our thinking of others day (or TOOT…for those of you who told me you liked that, hehe), so we decided to take maple bars and pictures to the Boppas. First we had to make Boppa Beards tho.

I couldn’t stop laughing…I’m surprised this picture is decent. They thought it was pretty funny too. They wore their beards when we delivered the goodies to the boppas.

 We also made Bunny paper bag puppets. They thought that was awesome. They both drew on the eyes of their bunnies by the way…not too shabby!

That’s all we did on Thursday because we had a lot to do before birthday weekend.
Today we started on “C”. This being my third week of doing preschool with them, I’m starting to learn what they like, what they’re good at, what they struggle with, and what they dislike. They both love painting, gluing, and using scissors. They like markers and most crafts. They don’t care much for tracing letters, unless they choose to do it. They love to sing. They like the sensory box. I’ve seen both of them get more creative and their art skills (especially Miss H) have improved over the last few weeks. They also have started working together more. I’m surprised by most of these things I’ve observed. I knew they loved painting, but I didn’t know they were actually pretty careful and fairly good at it.

A few things we’re discussing this week.
Drawing “wikers” on her cat.
Cat masks

Gluing whiskers on their cats.

Both kids need to work on listening to instructions and following through…ok what kid doesn’t? But I mean we haven’t done much of “color this circle blue, and that circle red” kind of thing. So I thought I’d try it.

I put a color in three circles and they had to paint that circle the correct color. Everything else was their choice.
I was curious how this one would do. He almost didn’t do it correctly, but stopped himself and did it the right way. After he did it right, he mixed all the colors together. Oh well, it was correct πŸ™‚
This one I was a little shocked. Very precise. No problems following instructions, and kept her paper fairly clean.
After he finished his caterpillar, I let him paint away. He loved it. I liked watching him create. He told me at one point his hands were pigs and they were wrestling in the mud…I’m sure you can picture what his paper looked like πŸ˜‰
Love those little creative fingers.

 Next we worked on fine motor skills. We used the ice cube trays and chop sticks. They improved some since a couple weeks ago.

After that they played with the sensory box and then spent the rest of the morning playing with their new toys from their birthday. At one point, I was folding laundry, Miss H was coloring ad Ash was playing with trucks. The next thing I knew they were both sitting coloring together, chatting away. Love seeing them interact, especially when it’s pleasant πŸ™‚

By the way…I did not dress them alike on purpose…those were just good painting clothes. I try really hard not to dress them alike…I didn’t notice until this picture πŸ˜›

That’s all we did today. I’m excited for some other things we have planned for C week πŸ™‚

I’ll leave you with one picture of Journey:

New sink! Counter top is cut out and ready for laminate! This picture gives me hope…more things being put back together AND, doesn’t it look like fun? What a cute lil ktichen!

That’s all for now!
Press on!


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