“C” week

We finished week 3 of “preschool”…I’ve pushed myself to do things I normally wouldn’t…and it’s been a good thing. I’m seeing new sides of my kids, individually and corporately. I’m impressed by their skills and how quick they pick things up…when they want to that is πŸ˜‰
This week we focused on: cats, crabs, cousin, construction, cars, caterpillar, and their memory verse from Sunday School (Jeremiah 29:11…the first half anyways).

 Wednesday A&H hosted a Construction playdate. We invited Z (who had us over last week to bake banana bread) and his siblings and mommy Miss Hannah, and our friend little J and his mommy Miss Amanda. Thanks to these ladies for hanging out with us. We love being around you all and enjoy your friendship!

Few books we’d been reading about construction.
The construction site is work ready.
3 adults, 3 3 year olds 2 16/17mo olds, and a 3mo old…there was a lot going on!
Ash and little J working
Construction workers need a snack break!
Our next activity was a winner=boxes and markers.
Two boys, two markers, in a box…all is right in the world.
Little D not so sure about this business.
Our final activity was a big hit and occupied the 3 year-olds for quite awhile. Thanks to Miss Amanda’s man, Mr. Jim for providing the “nails” aka golf tees.
Z is quite the thinker! He used the pliers to hold the “nails” in place while he hammered! Safety first Z!
Boys at work
Little J checking out their work…
He approves!
No construction play date is complete without some dirt digging!

So glad we had a construction day, such fun!
Today we ended “C” week with Thinking of Others Thursday. We sent a few things to cousin B (who is 6 mo younger) and A&H thought that was so cool. We hope she enjoys getting mail! We also did a C craft, played in the sensory box, and went to the library for story time about “Things that Go”. (The following pics are from my phone, sorry for the poor quality, the real camera had a dead battery.)

We know that cousin B loves Hello Kitty!
He colored her a firetruck…it had purple sirens so that it was a little girly.
We made Crabs out of our C’s today! And the googly eyes were the best part!
Putting on the legs.
All done. He said “mine has a mustache!” πŸ˜€
Miss H’s “happy” crab

Well, that’s how C week went. We didn’t practice tracing as much as I wanted too, but hey, I pushed myself in many areas and I call that a success…oh and the kids had fun too πŸ˜‰

Not sure yet what we will focus on for D week…but I’m sure Donuts will make it in there somehow…

Press on!


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