“D” Week & a party!

Time to report on “D” week! We focused on duck, daddy, donuts, dinosaurs, doctor, and our memory verse, Phil. 2:4 “Do all things without complaining or arguing.”

 Monday we focused on tracing “D”, dog, dinosaur, and drum.

Starting our preschool with some signing.
Flashcards and our fridge phonics.
D was a fairly easy letter, they both did well tracing this week.
Sometimes he gets a little over zealous about the tracing πŸ˜‰

 Then I took oatmeal containers, put some brown paper on them and let them decorate their “drums”. This was a big hit.

Decorating…and later lil miss had to add more pizazz to hers.
He loved playing it more then decorating.

She loves to just hold it…and keep making it more beautiful.

 Next we colored dinosaur color sheets while I read Dinosaur Countdown. I like this book because it talks about numbers and mentioned nothing of “billions” of years.

 Then we played with the dinosaur sensory box. Not too impressive…but they loved it…until the dinosaurs got a little out of hand…eating each other, beans, A&H,…got a little too crazy for me so we had to move on to something else.

A&H have been loving puzzles lately. Not the wooden ones…like real puzzles. I’m a little surprised…I’ve never been a huge “puzzler”, but they seem to really enjoy it…and they’re getting pretty good! Also keeps them occupied for quite awhile…win win all around!

Same with this one!
She got no help from me and completed it on her own!

Wednesday we colored bubble letter D’s,  duck coloring sheets, and did our letter craft. We made ducks from the letter “D”.

Not the best pictures of the finished products…but you get the idea.
Quack quack

Then I busted out to large paper and markers…never underestimate the power of large paper, markers, and preschoolers. They LOVED IT.

See that green face…that’s “mommy” I was told. Yes I find it very sweet…and creepy looking at the same time 8-|
This boy loves the double marker action.

I hadn’t been feeling 100% all week…kept feeling like a sinus infection/upper respiratory crud was about to strike…and it never did. Dodged that bullet. But on Wednesday I had a fever off & on so you know what that means…I needed chai. I decided snack that day would be sponsored by Sharehouse and Daniel Tiger.

Needless to say, we were all happy campers πŸ™‚

Thursday was A&H’s 3 year well-child exam. I did not plan that “D” week would include a trip to the Doctor…but hey, it worked out great! My husband always meets us for their appointments, so for our Thinking of Others Thursday, they drew pictures for Daddy. Oh, and if our doctor visit went well, we promised Donuts after words. Bonus. We’ve also been “playing” doctor this past week and reading “The Donut Chef”, very fun book, I highly recommend it.

Dr. A checking out his patient’s ears.
Such a fun book!
Decorating donut pictures for daddy.

The doctor visit went well. Healthy kiddos and they were current on all their vaccines…until they get their flu vaccines in. They both cooperated well, so we got donuts afterwords.

This boy loves chocolate…and maple bars.
She was beside herself when she saw the purple frosting AND sprinkles. She told me it was a princess donut πŸ™‚

So that was “D” week! Something else that kept us me busy this week was getting ready for a wedding reception our small group hosted for a couple in our group. They got married this past summer on the east coast. Samson has been in our group for a few years now, so we are thrilled to meet his lovely wife and celebrate with them and their friends from this side of the country.

Front door

A couple in our small group (who also happen to be our mentors!) were so kind to host the event at their beautiful home. So grateful for their hospitality, generosity, and vast knowledge of party planning and food!

 This was my first time making cupcakes in a jar. I’m hooked. So easy to transport for one thing, and presentation wise, I’m in love. Can’t wait to make more! (I got the frosting recipe here and the “wedding cake” arrangement idea on pinterest, but my pin doesn’t trace back to a source, sad.)

Cake table
Some fellas from our small group. From left to right: Ian, Aaron, Jason, Kris. MAJOR props to Aaron and Jason for their talents in the cooking department. I think we were all blown away.
Jason frying Naan bread. It was delicious.
Quite a group showed up to celebrate! So awesome!
Me and Sue. Thanks for your wisdom and just doing life with us! You bless me!
My friend Kylee has mad wrapping skills. By the way, Yodit is stunning! Samson is a lucky man!

Congratulations to the happy couple! Thank you for sharing your wedding pictures with us and we look forward to seeing how the Lord uses you two!
I love planning parties, decorating parties, attending parties,..all of it. But this was even more then that. I loved seeing our small group come together to plan this and contribute in so many ways. I was truly blessed by this party. Everyone has different gifts and abilities and I love seeing it all come together in a way to bless and honor others…and I think we were all blessed in the process! Nathan and I are so glad to do life with this group of men & women. The Lord gets all the glory for placing each person in our group. He knows what He’s doing. And if you’re not part of a small group…you need to be!!! πŸ™‚
I’ll get off my box now.
Well that wraps up our week. Hoping to do a Journey update soon…and it will be an exciting one! The suspense is killing you, isn’t it? πŸ˜€

Press on!


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