Day two

Day two of  “A” week! I know it’s only day two, and I don’t want to always expect good days…but today was a good day! We were busy, played a lot, minimal whining, and I was patient. I can’t take any credit for the patience…it’s all God. He has been so faithful the last two days meeting me where I am and blessing my efforts. I know I have no ability to do this of my own strength…my energy, patience, and time management is all coming from Him in this “preschool” gig. I was telling my friend Amanda this afternoon, I actually am enjoying myself! I’m just in awe of how The Lord works, and in such small ways…but this is a big deal to me!

Back to school. Today we focused on more letter tracing and talked about the following: Adam, Abraham, animals, art, apples, airplanes, and attitude. I even introduced a memory verse, Philippians 2:5 “Your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus.” (emphasis mine) We talked about what attitude means…I don’t think they really get it, but hey, I can try 😉
We started with 3 songs and our verse and then moved on to the animals color sheet and letter tracing. I didn’t like this tracing sheet as well as yesterdays…but I couldn’t find it again. Boo. I think the letters are too small for A&H to trace. Bigger is better  for tracing I guess. While they colored the animal sheet I read to them about Adam and Abraham from their Beginner Bible.

She did pretty good, not as good as yesterday,..but I’m not expecting much at this point 🙂
He did much better today! Still some protesting, but I think using the beloved marker helped 🙂

Ok, make sure you are sitting down for this next part….I let my kids use paint. Yes. I did. In my house….not even outside! Big step people. I can’t recall painting with A&H before. The thought of the experience kept me awake at night a couple of times to be honest. They used washable finger paint mind you…and good thing because lil man got some on his shorts, shirt, and the tile floor…all came right out. I love you washable finger paint.
We did apple painting and they loved it.

I showed them what to do first then let them loose…well…after strict instructions to sit, stay on the pink, and don’t touch anything but paper and the apple. They did awesome.
Getting the idea.
Miss H checking out the apple and Ash smearing his apple.
The aftermath. And I lived to tell about it…so did my tile 🙂

While I cleaned the paint mess project up, they worked on a fine motor skill activity. Nothing fancy (again) ice cube trays, random small items, and these chop stick deals my mom got for A&H.

Transferring from the cup to the tray.

He’s pretty good at this.

Then we had a color sheet. (Ash had an airplane one and Had was coloring an acorn, both from Twisty Noodle. Love that site) I was glad I had the camera handy for this next part.

He started tracing letters without ANY prompting! He was also saying long & short A sounds while he did it! But that’s not all….
He flips his paper over and says “this is a jellyfish and these are his eyes.” I can totally see it, can you?
Starting on the mouth and tentacles…and after this he scribbled ALL OVER it so you couldn’t tell what it was…like I said…I’m glad I had the camera. Pretty much the sweetest looking jellyfish I’ve ever seen 😉

Lastly they did some independent play time their choices were ark & animals or the barn & animals. They traded back and forth and loved playing at the table…not typically a place where they play.

Today’s school took about an hour again. Like I said, I actually enjoyed it.

I’ve turned their hallway into a place where their artwork can be on display, and they can see/play with our flashcards of the week. Their magnet board with the LeapFrog Phonics toys are in the hallway too.

Clipboards holding the worksheets they’ve done so far and the pocket chart for our flashcards.
View of the hallway. I’m still working on getting something together to put above the magnet board to hang more artwork.

 Well, that was our Tuesday! Tomorrow I’m going to attempt our first sensory box activity. Both A&H say they like long as they like it, we will keep going!
Press on!


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